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lol at the three glowie posts right in a row, could you guys be less obvious at least?

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>you misrepresentative little shit
Aww, did I make the IRS glowie mad by calling out your bullshit? The cost basis is what you put in to the investment, and you're taxed on any gain made when you realize that gain by trading into a new asset. You pay taxes on any gains made between assets, AND THEN, when you finally cash it out into fiat, you pay one last tax on the total gained from your last fiat purchase of the asset, which is how much you're cashing out total. You're either a glowie or stupid and scared enough to fall for their tricks and vomit it back up at strangers.

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>wanting to bang girl scouts
wondering how far a girl is from her 18th birthday is a mite different than wondering whether she's had her 8th
tl;dr kys pervert

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I bought ETH on coinbase but I keep getting the
"You can only withdraw $0.00 today. To withdraw more, please wait for your bank transfers to complete." message when I try to transfer. Do I actually have to wait days for this?

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Hey rabbi whatcha doin?

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Yeah i know they said that yesterday before it did 100% today

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>taped brick

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Hell no.
It's a bunch of retarded boomers larping as if they belong to some kind of super important club that makes them feel special with their larping tradions.
They don't do shit besides watching football games at a barbeque and having gay sex.

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