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>he thinks the virus is real

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>he believes the numbers

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>please tell me one difference between 87 and 20

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I shilled some absolute gems to some NPCs, they moon, then correct. They don't take any profits and then 1 month later they demand explanations from me. NPCs don't deserve good shitcoins, they deserve the wage life, it's that simple.

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>he thinks in terms of red & blue states

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>he doesn't invest every dollar he owns and keeps cash on the side even though hes young and has dozens of years to invest
>he is afraid of taking huge risks
>he thinks only crypto can make him money
>he refuses to get some form of higher education because hes afraid of paying back the debt or that it won't improve his living standard
>he lives to consume only
>he doesn't have at least $100K invested by the time hes 28
>he doesn't have at least $500K by 38
>he didn't invest in Tesla at $20/share
>he didn't invest in Bitcoin at $0.00001
>he didn't mine the Genesis block
>he complains without taking action
If you have ANY of these qualities you are not cut out to being a true /biz/ness man. You will NOT make it, plain and simple. You lack discipline, inner drive, and inner motivation at being a successful individual. You should really just stick to playing video games, jerking off, and other LOSER activities. You want to be a winner going forward? Save my list and cross off each item until they no longer apply.

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Any lawyers here?

Can the FTC sue you if you are in Europe? Im making a living from Youtube videos (animations) and im scared that they will sue me over this COPPA bullshit. The bot didn't mark any of my videos as for kids, however im worried since the crooked settlement between the FTC and YT now allows them the overreachment of being able to sue individual creators over not clicking a fucking box that asks "is this for kids?". Fucking retarded. Those boomers think having a YT channel is like having a website, when reality is, COPPA can't apply to us since we can't collect any data.

If you mark your videos "made for kids" to remove liability your channel is dead anyway, so I might as well risk it, however like I said im worried they will consider my animations to be made for kids, even tho they have guns, some inappropiate memes like the "what the f***" meme, etc, but they are colourful etc.

There have been only 21 COPPA violation cases that I can count since 1998, would be really unlucky to be one of those now, but you are gambling with some 55 year old boomer reviewing your channel everytime you upload a video now... great user experience.

I believe someone will win them in court since this notion of a YT channel being a webpage and having to comply with COPPA is nonsense, however until that happen they can use the crooked settlement to bully people.

Hopefully someone knows what im talking about and can give some advice.

Note that money outside of Adsense is unfortunately a pipedream as an animator. YT has audovisual monopoly. Only huge channels with original characters can sell merch. I don't even use my voice or anything, so there isn't much of a following outside of YT. Can't do freelance work, it's too niche. This COPPA bullshit kills so much independent creators to be replaced with (((Disney))) and co. I wonder how's lobbying for this to pass.

PS: The usual butthurt wages that never were able to make money online and come here to hate will be ignored.

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>BTC is a scam and will collapse

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>hehe im such an oldfag posting gore

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>thinking about cocks

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>screw this bitcoin thing im going back to my 401k

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>I vote

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>girls don't care about looks they only want money and a strong personality

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>Institutions haven't been stacking on BTC OTC for years and aren't getting ready now to pump to world reserve currency status

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>Oh wow you're so smart and epic for literally proving my point. Off yourself my guy B)

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>if i won the lottery, I'd still work a part-time job at McDonald's to stay in the loop. Trust me man

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