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hmmmm,huge wrinkled brain

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Marry kill fuck

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Don't fall for the dunning kruger memes friend. Go out there and try your best, you'll find that the people you consider "pros" are usually just slightly more confident in what they're talking about.
Not to mention that with a math major you're likely much further ahead than the rest, I got my bachelors in stats.

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Yer alroight bruv

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Very helpful post, thank you

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Fuck off mate. Paying taxes to the government is for retards. They'll have to kill me first before I file anything to that paki infested bureaucracy. Might av to move to Portugal soon. Fuck London.

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Well good on yer lad. If it makes you happy. Enjoy yourself, be happy but take responsibility for your decisions. Dont blame anyone later on. Goodbye woman.

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>Imagine letting melvins shills manipulate you
Gentiles deserve everything they get. Fucking kek. And then you won't also sell the top once more. You cattle never learn

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Strap in

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>Buys a round of pints for the thread

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Ching Chong.
Ching chong bing bong

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don't miss this biz. ape in. i added to my position at 18 dollars, will sell half at 50 dollars

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I was hoping for a number fren, but thanks anyway

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as if i'd want to function in current society,going back to monke is the only way

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Solid fucking company imo. I did a lot of research into this because of some recent shilling. I picked up 12k shares. AI is the future and no 1 wants to hire a useless security guard who bitches about taking peoples temperatures and calling out tyrone for not wearing a mask. Robots are the future. Their eps will be amazing and the CEO is dedicated and passionate about what they do.

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same nigger,you don't lose money until you cash out

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Fuck off pajeets take your whole callcenter to reddit.

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Oh boy I can't wait to hear what my favorite GME youtuber has to say about the updated SI then.

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Based. The crabbing makes me want to jump off a bridge but the support above $1 has been insanely strong. Beautiful chart and roadmap. $5 before fall

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just as planned, thanks for buying my bags at my set memeprice of $420 per share

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>where do I buy silver? Jmbullion, coin store
>how do I know it’s real?
Almost impossible to get something to same weight size, magnetism and color and good luck buying all the minting equipment to sell 30 dollar coins
Banks make money off your balance and government printed 40% of all money. Silver used in solar panels, computers, almost all electronics, medicine and has historically been a monetary metal. It’s like Bitcoin Except you actually use it for stuff and every year pansonic, apple, Tesla etc use millions of ounces and need it no matter what.

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So if AMC closes at above $9 we're all bueno?

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