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Does anyone else use xrp as a way to store cash?

>deposit your money into XRP coins
>withdrawal any time because XRP stays at the same price no matter what

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I can say with certainty that bitcoin will go up. Idk when, but it will, and at some point it will also go down. When? I also don't know, but be ready to buy and sell when you have to.

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smartfag here
feels good

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Their goal is to make you think, this is the bottom.

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Alright. This post is mainly aimed at UK lads.
It's sort of finance related, as I have to be resourceful. Think of this as a fun exercise in how you'd handle the situation in my shoes.

Basically, I want to move out as soon as humanly possible out of my parents' home. I've fucking had it with them and my pride can no longer take it.
I have £780 in the bank, with my only liquidable asset being my stationary PC (which I could sell within a week for approx £300 most likely).

Is it possible to move in somewhere within like 2-3 days? Obviously, I'm going to move somewhere cheap (£100-120/week), so maybe the landlord won't fuck around as much. I am currently not *officially* employed, but this is an industrial area and I can get a job within less than a week.

Any tips? Any advice?

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Crypto is a Ponzi scam

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Coinbase takes fucking 3% or something. Are there any better alternatives? 3% is stupid high.

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if you are not playing audio books on 1.4x speed while shitposting and watching porn you are not going to make it

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"I'm more bullish than ever on Bitcoin:

- Bitcoin market cap is smaller than Starbucks
- Less than 0.1% of the world owns Bitcoin
- 441 days until halvening
- Bitcoin ETF coming by late 2020
- Record government debt
- Institutional plumbing is being built"

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You need ___ BTC to make it by 2023.

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If it did way to many neets would make it. Also there would be to many bilinares. Satoshi would literally be the richest man on earth and so would people like Arthur Hayes and CZ Binance. This will obviously never happen so your an idiot to even think BTC will reach $10k again. Think about how many sudden people would have 10 billion dollars.Not going to happen fags no matter how hard you whine and complain.

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why did the chicken cross the road
ahem, when your body runs on fats you get a high

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Stop FUD'ing. I think we can go way past $1 million. CSW has all the patents BSV will take over the entire market cap at the perfect timing to coincide with le Golden Bullrun. So that puts me at a VERY CONSERVIATIVE target to $50-100 Million / Coin.

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been monitoring real-time trades of 63 exchanges with BTC/USD pair and 58 BTC/USDT pairs

on most time frames people are buying more than they are selling while price is reacting very poorly despite obvious buy demand

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wow, what a fucking cuck.

literally destroying your bloodline and heritage because of "muh etics".

your ethics don't even resist the slightest analysis

(1) Is it immoral for someone to spend his money on hookers and cocaine?

If your answer is no, then how is it immoral for him to give it to his sons so they can have a better life?

(2) is it immoral for a guy to spend his money on a new iphone?

If your answer is no, then the same question arises.

Most of the people who spend their money frivolously, in stupid and useless pursuits (video games, hookers, new cell phones or whatever consumerist bullshit you want) wouldn't say it's immoral for them to use their money in that way.

So, it shouldn't be to give security, comfort, health and a better life to your family when you are dead.

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hi frens, i took all your advice through the past few years and i managed to oversell and overhype myself at the corp i work for the past few months.

we could say that my price is pumped as fuck and much higher than my actual output. the salary is insane. ceo & co call me the best programmer of 100 programmers. i know for a fact, that there are at least 25 better programmers than me, but they just dont know how to sell themselves.

ironically, the other 10 programmers also see me as the best, because i consistently solve a lot of lowhanging fruit, which makes me look like a genius, but i could never write advanced algorithms and my math and logic is mediocre at best.

i know i will learn a lot, because these expectations will push me beyond my boundaries and i will do it as long as possible, BUT: how do i hedge myself in case people realise that i am not worth that much and cut my salary or fire me? i am obviously saving as much money as possible and not taking any mortgages to minimize the risk.

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post highly professional twitter trading accounts for inspiration

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the niche market here is already oversaturated with ton of competition, I'm good at getting the job done, but socially weak and have no contacts

how do I get clients, other than email/cold calling, or how do I do these things the right way /biz/

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> "It's not about the idea it's about it's execution" is a meme
prove me wrong

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>Newfag, leave us old December Joiners alone.

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