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When going to sleep I sometimes pretend I’m a woman and imagine what it would feel like having a dick inside of me.

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Explain in to in simple terms like I’m an 18 year old with perky titties.

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There are guys eating ass right now, while I'm refreshing my portfolio and watching Chinese cartoons.

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Had 2 millions, now 300k. Could've take 1 million on a dead cat bounce (which I fucking saw and thought myself, yet I put money instead of taking it because I believed super-inflation schizos)

Man, I know that ultra greed shit. I had 1k initial. Greed allowed me to achieve ATH in the first place. If it's not for greed, I'd have cashed out 2x or 5x. I just wanted 5 millions though...
Greed is a double edged weapon it seems. Just cope with it at least you're still mid 6 figs.

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What is your monthly salary and how does your budget look?
Mine is 0$ and I only spend 150$ on food every month, maybe a little extra on hygiene products, no rent or electricity as I am homeless

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the fact that there are people on this board that make millions of dollars from just clicking buttons is definite proof that the modern capitalistic economy is a failed system

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I woke up and some niggas stole my bike. What can I do to profit from this?

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no there isnt just come to the window anon

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a white kid from my school knocked out an Asian girl after she rejected him

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