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How much are you saving per month?

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I intuitively guessed someone was Jewish and they got really uncomfortable

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BBC is too powerful.

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America is the best.

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>learn skill
>make youtube based around skill
>make a website and sell products
>become a millionaire

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>burnout after community college
>every job requires a bachelors degree

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>go back to school in late 20s after neet bender
>burnout after community college and decide not to pursue bachelors
>become disillusioned with white collar world, the people, the hiring process, fakeness, competition, company culture, the emphasis on upper education
>constant ego stroking despite most of these people coming from wealthy intact nuclear families with good role models, network, and pristine social skills and mental health genetics
>capable of and often preform the same tasks as bachelors holders but pay hindered by associates degree
>company offering to pay for remaining 2-3 years to get bachelors
>refuse to put myself through an educational institution again
>friends, family, peers, losers who turned their lives around: all having sex, travelling, buying homes AND pursuing graduate degrees
>six figure tech friends complaining that salaries are too low

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>graduate with STEM associates
>being offered 30$/hr

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The value of the LINK token will only increase as much as the average value of all cryptocurrencies increase as well (it wont)

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Buy $RIBBIT before it explodes.
It has direct connections to $PEPE.
Seriously, look it up on Etherscan.
Alright, have a good day frens.

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>worked full time for 2 months
>ran out of things to buy
How are people poor? Like seriously what are they doing with their money. I bought oysters yesterday just out of sheer boredom

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I strongly disagree

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Would you suck dick for 1 billion dollars?

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What if I just don't pay my debt?

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Practice job gave me a promotion for quitting smoking

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I love you.

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I made the OP picture

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reality is a self perceptive, self configuring language. we are essentially the mind of god, eternally perceiving and learning about itself while choosing to keep or discard what it pleases. while it is true that reality is the sum total of everything, god uses localized sensors (humans, bugs, plants, life itself) to input and output information in order to self actualize himself. the universe is a continuous, self actualizing mind that uses itself as a medium of information exchange. materialism and idealism are two sides of the same coin.

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nothing ever happens.

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i invested in toads by mistake.

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So I posted several weeks ago about still getting paid if quit my Walmart job after two days
It's been a month I don't think they are sending the check
So do I just file a claim with my states department of labor? Will they even bother for two days worth of wages?

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>That feeling when you have access to the internet and all of the knowledge and information that has ever existed since the dawn of mankind. The ability to learn about and master any subject you wanted in a matter of weeks or months and change your life forever yet you sit here jacking off to tranny porn and posting shitty frog memes

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Holy shit you faggets, at least wait for the price of Link to go to $8.67 before posting multiple SmartCon threads

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