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401k or down payment?

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i jack off to LinkedIn profiles

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how much does it cost to disappear and move to another country?

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i have become good friends with the girl who rejected me

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where are you guys? im outside the parking lot right now.

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I can finally afford my dream car, a Challenger SRT8, but I am feeling guilty about and don't think I can go through with the purchase.

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i consider my coworkers "friends". am i a loser?

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What would your ancestors say about you right now?

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pee is stored on the internet computer

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I can't think of a more based name than motoko
this project is solid

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that's 280 million women. ur telling me, out of 280 million women, not one would like you?

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the cashier started raising their tone to me. on christmas eve. wtf

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I could ask for a Lamborghini but that wouldn't be very practical for me. At least with an RS3 it's cheap enough that I would mind it being scratched or doing major repairs. Also, I just think it looks cool and practical.

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I don't see anything

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stay poor then tranny

stay poor biz you missed an ez 100% pump and it is just starting

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there is something daily that rises 3900%

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How much are you saving per month?

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I intuitively guessed someone was Jewish and they got really uncomfortable

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BBC is too powerful.

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America is the best.

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>learn skill
>make youtube based around skill
>make a website and sell products
>become a millionaire

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>burnout after community college
>every job requires a bachelors degree

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>go back to school in late 20s after neet bender
>burnout after community college and decide not to pursue bachelors
>become disillusioned with white collar world, the people, the hiring process, fakeness, competition, company culture, the emphasis on upper education
>constant ego stroking despite most of these people coming from wealthy intact nuclear families with good role models, network, and pristine social skills and mental health genetics
>capable of and often preform the same tasks as bachelors holders but pay hindered by associates degree
>company offering to pay for remaining 2-3 years to get bachelors
>refuse to put myself through an educational institution again
>friends, family, peers, losers who turned their lives around: all having sex, travelling, buying homes AND pursuing graduate degrees
>six figure tech friends complaining that salaries are too low

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>graduate with STEM associates
>being offered 30$/hr

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