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> Binance already proved that centralized blockchains work. They're effective and people don't give a damn about decentralization because they want it easy.

This is how I know you're an xrp tier brainlet. Decentralization gives cryptocurrency and smart contracts value to begin with. Binance is collating that value from decentralized networks because it runs a large cex service and is manipulating the market. There will be many binances over the years that come and go, but the fundemental value driving their markets will be chains like ethereum not libra.

Libra itself is nothing more than a glorified wechat transaction layer. Can it have a lending platform? Sure. Can it have an exchange platform for certain facebook approved assets? Maybe? That's a regulatory nightmare for facebook. Even if they launched such a platform built off libra it would still be centralized. There's no reason for other institutions and to contract with facebook when they could contract with no one by using decentralized, non-immutable, trustless networks that will have access to oceans more developed and broad assets and protocols.

Decentralization is what gives value to the institutions, otherwise it's just a modern day swift. And if corporations wanted a modern day swift they would form a consortium and demand swift modernize or form another entity to carry out the function that they would all be equal stakeholders in. The last corporations would do is utilize facebook's revocable protocols and risk arbitration by facebook outside of consumer facing products and services already on facebook's platform. Once those services are payed for guess where the capital outflow from libra is immediately going? That's right, back into decentralized protocols so that institutions and corporations can actually control their capital flows and hold real custody of their capital. You may make money on libra if it isn't pegged to a stable price immediately. But you will lose comparatively.

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>like China and kill the virus early

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if I looked like that, I would unironically kill myself

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