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Has anyone helped some friends get into crypto over the past year and feel genuinely rewarded by the pure altruism of the gesture? My friends free UNI airdrop from summer is worth 8k and I got some people into RSR/LINK last summer too.

Feels good. This is the way to adoption boys. Anyone you help for free is going to tell everyone they know who is even tangentially interested in crypto/stocks/investing. Ultimately I am thankful to the chan/biz and I guess everyone who shilled Link ICO / Assblaster.

Feels good to pay it forward, try it out if you haven't! It will be good for your soul and the world.

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Keep an eye on the steady growth of total defi mcap. This space will easily hit 100b this year, and almost all of it is running on ChainLink. Triple digit link is basically guaranteed at this rate, and four-digit Link is practically guaranteed(astrologically)

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>too dumb to FUD, even ironically
You didn't buy and you even missed the boat where we were FUD'ing for fun and to keep reddit confused.

Thank you for your continued concern over our financial well-being.

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Bitcoin -> DeFi is a 34x growth for defi, at BTC's CURRENT mcap.

It's like we have been saying for years, if blockchain/eth/link/defi etc. captured even less than 5% of the big picture, Link will be hugely, vastly more valuable than it is today.

A lot of us understood this in 2017/18 and that is why we bought and are still holding. 10,000 screaming pepe's, though helpful for awareness, has not exactly rung the bell of the norman. A lot of people still see pepe association as FUD, despite some of the top contributors doing great work like https://smartcontentpublication.medium.com/ - but still, since we are in the advent stage of smart contracts, many do not comprehend the basic value proposition being dealt with here.

Sadly, this is no longer a moonshot opportunity for most people. Sure, you could convince a small time/hobbyist or even semi-pro investor to pick up $1000-10k worth of Link... Which is not much these days, but if I were giving myself advice from the future, for $10k, I'd be looking at smaller caps that give me more leverage(sub .05c with potential to be a few bucks type projects). So I usually advise friends to pick up some link, but knowing they don't or won't drop 10k+ on a make it stack, I try to set them up with opportunities elsewhere.

Consider yourself lucky and this victory well earned. Considering the market to be captured by Link, and the recent confirmation that Sergey is still intimately working with WEF and SWIFT, we really couldn't be in a better position. God bless Sergey, god bless anon.

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So if you came to biz after the fucking google announcement you're an "OG"? Nice thread OP, you got me trolled.

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She hasn't had a good foot run in a while.

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Sir, it is a custom made headpiece of the highest quality. I will have my servant, a former XRP holder, telegram you the info right after my morning tea.

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