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I do not hold any COTI nor do I know what it does, but I'm very intrigued now.

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You have 13 hours to sell everything. That is all

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I am going to make it, and so are you.

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I dislike these cucked proposals by 100IQ bugmen.
Shut the fuck up, stake your bancies, forget about them, and enjoy the ride to complete dominance of the AMM and lending sectors.
You won't even have to cash out, since you can just leverage part of your stack via vBNT and write it off as a loan. You risk getting trapped forever if you make a short-term play, sure - but if you were going to exit the market anyway you can simply leverage into USDC at a peg above .9 and PRINT BANCIE REWARDS FOREVER with your locked stack.
Jesus Christ how are these fucks not seeing ((the implications)).

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