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But my supply of fiat coins is limited and I want to use my already existing XMR coins to generate more XMR coins. A dupe glitch, if you will.

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You're going to be hard pressed to make a profit at current prices since everything is down, but if you're willing to hold mining Monero or WOWnero seem like the safest options.

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#monero-dev @ Libera.chat
You can use Hexchat or irssi or whatever you want to connect. I'm fairly sure Libera has a webchat hosted on their website too.
There are many other Monero related channels in that network. There are some listed on getmonero.
There's a Matrix bridge for almost all channels too in case you use that.


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Thanks! And here?

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Anon... you've posted the worst FUD on the board.

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Found some. No idea what the text says, though.

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