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so how about the price of chainlink? crazy right?

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I'm still waiting on chainlink random generators to produce verifiable random recovery seed phrases

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75k stack is huge
Wageslave for 3-5 years more man. Wish I could say it was shorter but I’d be lying to you.
3-5 years puts me in my mid 30s so I’m okay with the timeframe involved.
You can cash some out for profit but it’s not life changing money yet.

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I’ve done mushrooms a handful of times
It isn’t recreational that’s for sure.
Marijuana is something I partake in regularly. It helps me focus, like a soft natural ritalin. Not everyone reacts the same though so I wouldn’t just blanket recommend these substances to others even though I believe it can be beneficial if done under the right circumstances. And just like alcohol, teenagers should avoid it.
Synthetics like pills and cocaine should be avoided at all costs. They will permanently damage you if not outright kill you in short order.

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admit it bitfag maxies, chainlink won the cryptoculture

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Link beating the market, up 30 cents since btc died below 8k earlier this week.

how high we pumping for this bullrun once it starts frens

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been gone a few days and now see a ton of shit posting saying swift is 'announcing' partnership tomorrow?

Where's the credible evidence or breadcrumbs to support this?

What was the deal with that anon earlier who said come back 23:55pm EST?

Please post any evidence of any kind if you have it

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lol i sperged the cropping first time

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