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if i can give you one golden if not diamond life saving idea... when you are that young, leave this baord and dont adapt, go out, go to forest, work out, study science how things work, get good at something you can even study it, codng, artificial intelligence as it will rule the Earth in 5+ years and then it will may or may not take over humanity in 50+ years. Just dont try to become an npc, you must have free will and being here you will be just depressed anti npc thats currently just jailed npc in virtual world. ... ull probably wont leave and tell this advice in 8 years

this thread will be archived like many so you can just memorize it, put notification every year to leave forever, people tend to forget quickly, as time pass, thats why they keep sayin the time flies quickly

>life will be meme if you first think about it being meme
>when you get older you tend to surrender and just accept it but you dont need to as your priorities change anyway and you slowly forgot who you been and what u wanted

just live the ACTUAL DAY, you best remember the actual day

people underestimate change in a year or 5 years what will happen you dont know, just dont focus on something distant it doesnt make any sense

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