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This post is 100% the average redditor's mindset. Absolutely banal, grotesquely uninteresting. Mundane to the point of disgust. There's a reason the NPC meme struck true for a lot of people.

Having been on this website for way too long, I'd say that most 4channers moved beyond this type of thought process in like 2009 after they left /b/. If you haven't been called to a higher power or still don't realize there's objective, real good and evil in this world, there's no helping you by now. Won't explain further. Good luck.

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Could anyone link me to a few people on Medium / Twitter that are actually worth the time? Trying to refresh my attention, I feel it's being incredibly wasted scrolling by the constant LINK moonboys.

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Soros is like Bane
he pretends to be for the people, but he hates them and only pretends to like them in order to further his cause of wiping them all out
Batman agrees with Bane that they aren't good people, but disagrees with him in the sense that he believes they can be inspired and redeemed to become better


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These two sides, which have a Biblical nature, follow the clear separation between the offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the Serpent.

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De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.

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Very interesting.
My family laughed at me when I first told them trump would win (right when he announced).
Then they became big trump supporters and admitted I was right all along.
They’re learning to doubt me less and less as I keep getting proven right over time.

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"If he is going to stand up, then he has to prove who he is. Otherwise, there is absolutely no sense in standing up.

What could there possibly be as proof? I know how it would have to roll out...anyway... It will not be a person standing up proclaiming he is the one. IMO, he would never proclaim himself to be the one. Again, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

If he exists, he is the message. He is not a messenger. In other words, people will not need to be told he is the one. Circumstances will dictate that he is the one...period.

What would the roll-out consist of? Everything converging in his direction. Everything converging to his lines of 'thought'. It should be a natural convergence, though I am positive some will try to capitalize on it, perhaps be trying to preempt the natural roll-out. Which, when people proclaim that they are the One, is exactly what they are trying to do.

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>She literally refused to even read anything i provides unless it came from a source she trusted
All you have to do is look outside and see that the people on the street have all seen better times.

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Americans are retarded. We're a unified nation of States for a reason - every State is very different and is affected by this virus in a different way. Therefore every State should be handling it in a different way. New York for example is fucked beyond relief - Montana and West Virginia don't need the same relief NY is going to need.

So I propose we close off New York, Chicago, DC, Boston, California. The liberal strongholds, the coastal cities. Don't let residents in or out. Shut those cities down. The citizens there are seemingly in favor of that anyways. Send in the army engineers, national guard, build makeshift hospitals from hotels/conference centers for them to recover/die in. Let their local government sort of take care of themselves, but DO NOT LET THEM TRAVEL. Ban them from moving, take away their freedom of movement. Do it for the good of the nation. Once again, they're seemingly in favor of this - it's akin to taking away 2nd Amendment rights. "Saving lives" and all that.

In the meantime, allow the quarantine to run its course in flyover states. Remaining ~2 weeks or whatever. Continue to enforce social distancing and provide federal aid to improve flyover state hospitals. Here's the meat of my proposal: make a serious attempt to move the workforce to flyover states. Create job sites in the flyover states. Create manual labor jobs for lost supply chains. Create remote tech jobs for everything else. Focus heavily on moving jobs to middle Americans.

Basically allow flyover America to carry the brunt of the economy while the coasts recover/dissolve. Deurbanization of America. This is how you could solve this problem - promote technology, remote work, health and safety in the heartland while the coasts run the course of the virus. As long as we can protect the bulk of our States, we'll be OK. We just can't allow the infected coastals to travel. They need to run the course of the virus and recover on their own.

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Greatest depression of all time wait 2 weeks when people are getting murdered for basic supplies

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>Why trust the same fucking asshole who created the virus though? He's a schizophrenic fuck.

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>you live in europe

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>It's always "sell the news", every time
Until it isn’t
Remember the google/coinbase/oracle summer pump?
Lots of upset swingers who lost a significant portion of their stacks.

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I thought this was normal and my thinking on relationships was normal. It was a rude awakening for me when I realized how many modern men cow-tow to their women.
When I realized how far gone it all is; then I realized the reason for the stagnation we see in the modern world.
#metoo was a really big eye opener as well, particularly how easily social institutions and the stewards responsible for them were corrupted and co-opted to go along with this.
However, that being said it is clear that we’re turning it around now and a lot of these miscreants are in hiding or running for their lives.

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>We are bullish on chainlink because they have Rory
That too, my apologies, I forgot to mention Rory.

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There’s no way I’m “cashing out”
Imagine paying (((capital gains))) taxes



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>why being honest is a panacea to existential dread
When you’re honest then everything becomes clearer. When you’re lying (especially to yourself) you remain in delusion and an eventual malaise sets in and there is no longer any hope for you.

The only way to get out of it is to be completely honest, particularly about the internal lies you’ve been holding on to for yourself over the years.

Pro-tip: be prepared for others in your life to begin freaking out at you for this change in your personality. People can’t handle the truth, especially the truth about themselves. Almost everyone you meet is living in a deluded mental bubble.

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>he's just using an AI for his posts that is slowly improving
There is no such thing as AI
The problem with modern scientists is that they make the mistake of thinking that “computation” is the end all be all, so to speak.
They can’t fathom that it’s a bigger problem than just how much or how fast you can compute.

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Let me help you

Everyone reading thread save every bit of information

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Good educational article:

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Who knows? Doesn't matter. Accord may have seen some other oracle projects popping up and didn't want to publicly commit. Chainlink may have asked them to delet to not pump price. Article could have been written prematurely.

Chainlink is still listed as a tech solution the Accord website.

Who knows what will happen. Nobody knows what's going on.

Future is bright. Name another decentralized oracle solution...

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