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Brahs take the anti-aging pill
>Eating healthy as fuck
>Lifting consistently (almost have Chad frame now)
>Regularly go for light swims and cycling
>Gets 8 hours of sleep every day no exceptions
>Takes 1g of metformin and 250mg NR daily
>Have insane skincare routine
>started out omad fast and transitioned to 48 hour fast (also do 1 week fast a month)
>avoids the sun to reduce DNA breaks
>doesn't drink
>doesnt care about traveling and girls
>doesnt fomo into anything except LINK

I'm 29 but I get routinely confused for early 20s guy.

Like I said, I think sex is overrated and traveling is a meme. The only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life is dedicating myself to the field of anti-aging research. The cure for aging is coming sooner than you think. Take care of your body now before you regret it down the road.

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