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That's 1k I'll never see again

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It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought in at fifty cents. At four dollars I had real life changing money, now it's barley worth anything. We were too late. There will never be another 2017 run. I will always be poor. Link will never go above two dollars. . My entire life is over.

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Yeah you fucking retards. You are going to get paid for staking for requests on the price of ETH, the price of Link and the price of a big Mac. Wow.

No meaningful requests are being made you dumb fucks. No oracles are being used by paying customers. You are going to be staking for calls on the price of ETH made for the heart beat. Kill yourself!!!

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nobody care about bitcoin
go out incel you are the greater fool

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>spending my early 20's mostly behind a computer arguing with other miserable cunts
>wasting all my money on crypto so I can maybe make it in my 30s
>i'm not out hanging with bros, partying, making life long memories
>all i can hope for is that I get to bang pan faced slant eye in thailand and party with foreign strangers

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It almost makes me puke to think half a year ago I had an order to buy 10k LINK with like 3.6 ETH. The order obviously didn't complete. Now my ethereums are worth like 1k $ whereas links would be worth 36k.

I have 2.5k of link but that's nothing compared to 12.5k or more. I knew whole potential of LINK. I'm so fucking stupid fml.

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>tfw its impossible to achieve something like this nowadays


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got a half a million of these but its nowhere near enough to actually make it..

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Oops doopsy, didn’t post

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>tfw I got fired today

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I'm back to being a wagecuck.

I tried for remote wagecuck jobs to live in Philippines, Tokyo and KL but I failed 10+ interviews.

I go back home to say hi to mom. I arranged a few in person interviews. They all want to hire me at $40-50/hr.

Why can't I remote wagecuck. I failed as a trader.

No more fucking asian pussy 2-3x a day.

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Is it too late change your life around and make it?
I am 20 y/o and living in Perth, Australia. Currently finishing my joint degree in CS/physics and working in Commonwealth Bank as a market analyst. My salary (170k AUD) is far less than my current gf is making and I don't know what to do. I did take out a large sum of crypto gains in December, which allowed me to buy out a house and also a backup apartment in the CBD. This is the only thing keeping my happy at least.
I am thinking of retiring by the age of ~27, but this still means I'd have to work for 7 years. I don't think I can take this anymore. Any other poorfags here in /biz/? Help me out. What should I do with my failed life?

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>Paying parent in Crypto, $850 a month
>Instead I trade the money I give for rent instead so I grow the money
>Only have $13k
>ATH $16k in January

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I hate myself already for it, fucking jews.

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Can we have an inspiration thread? I'm in a rough place all-around in my life right now and I'm feeling terrible everyday.
Can we get any inspiring stories or anything you guys have accomplished like a good job, degree, fitness, etc. I want to improve myself

>22 years old
>live in ontario canada
>no friends pretty much, only ones I used to have were losers even moreso than myself
>barely graduated highschool
>never went to post secondary education
>bad relationship with my parents
>no car
>shit deadend job
>not too smart at anything
>skinnyfat and pretty weak (really only thing ive made most progress on as I used to be fat and unable to bench the bar)
>kissless virgin
>watch weird porn everyday
>waste my time on 4Chan so I feel terrible even more everyday

Can I get some actual advice and inspiration please. i want to change so I can be proud of myself and my parents can be proud of me.

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>tfw I read the shill posts 2 weeks ago for this coin but I decided to keep mining Monero until last Sunday
>only have 300k turtles when I could have had millions if I started back when I read the shills

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>decide to cash out and buy myself a PS4

>mistype one digit in ETH adress and send someone free 500$

Just how retarded I am, anyone else had this situation?

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I know the feel

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so broke that i could afford only 80. may I come in?

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>year 2015
>$65.00 to my name
>interested in bitcoin
>hobby mine on a computer to learn how it works
>tell everyone in my family how cool bitcoin is
>nobody cares

>year 2016
$1,500 student loan
>start small business selling video games
>slowly buy into some bitcoin with my pennies

>year 2017
$7,500 portfolio
>trading pretty well, know the bitcoin market
>making slow gains, finally break 10k
>slowly work up to 40k just learning the market
>get into altcoins, buy into the right ones 140k portfolio
>25k in cash
>everyone in my family knows I'm into bitcoin
>"oh so you're into that bitcoin thing, it's like 20k right?"
> grandfather "that bitcoin thing is in a bubble, you should sell"
> every uncle "so you're into bitcoin, how does it work, how to exchange, how to altcoin"
>distant friends that never gave a fuck appear out of nowhere
>buy friend $200 worth of crypto, get him to a $4000 portfolio in a month from XRP, and XVG

people only fucking talk to me when they want something, it fucking hurts /biz/ when does this pain go away
nobody ever just chats to chat, they always want something out of me, it's fucking depressing me

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Panic sold XLM at 31xx

13 hours later it's 53xx

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anything I short goes up
anything I long goes down

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