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can blockchain be hacked if so, what are the odds? maybe it already has been hacked

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15 x 30 = 450

op that's like you're living in a shitty basement room every month FOR FREE.
well done my friend

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it was definitely hell. had my worst day thursday? i think it was. like down $1300. up $820 so far today

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Where do I learn about the American tax system and how to write off as much as possible? I know very little but I might be getting some good money soon so I want to learn how to keep as much of it as possible.

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Bombard her with Fren Pepe

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You can only buy and hold three coins for the next three years, pick and say why.

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Idk anon, probably have as much knowledge as I do know about trading. I wish I didn’t try swinging as much as I did, I had to learn the hard way about swinging. I just buy and hold now. And am pulling out into different assets now like land and pms. I wish I knew about DEXs forsure back then. I’d probably have 2x as much if I knew how Uni and 1inch worked and got in early on a bunch of coins.
Absolutely, I think people are rejecting this culture more and more. It’s really only in the last 80 years this culture has really materialized into what it is. Before the 40s people, especially rich people, would spend the money to buy something lasting rather than something to throw away. People throw stuff away all the time now. My sisters buy these cheap rugs that look nice but then throw them out after a couple months, I think wouldn’t you want to buy a nice Persian rug or something equivalent and never throw it away, wouldn’t it be a better investment?

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how are my bros doing? happy friday
>folio reached $21k from starting at $6k in 2 months
>feels good man

my dream is to keep building my wealth forever until I can buy a nice house in the south of America with a nice pool away from everything
Going to get with my highschool sweetheart and have kids with her.
I can't imagine having more then 2 kids. Fuck that. I want 2 boys too.

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I'm a poor college student with $1k to buy and HODL one of the following three...
So, what'll it be /biz/?

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How do you get AVAX? Can you get it on uniswap? Saw the hype a month ago, but didn't buy in since I'm retarded.

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Which of these have the best fundamentals and future in your opinion and why?

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romanian woman best woman

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sorry forgot picture and digits

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You get $10,000 to buy and hold a single cryptocurrency for the next two years, the catch is you only get to keep the money if that coin goes 50x in that time. Which crypto do you choose?

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Congratulations faggot

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Dang, shes as cute as a button. I hope to have like 3 wives after the collapse, one of them being a cutie asian like pic related.

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Stop being a fucking brainlet.
>Use NGC
>look up coin
>check ASW (actual silver weight)
>convert troy ounce to grams
>calculate spot price by total grams
It’s this easy

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>he doesn’t check ever single ASE in his monster box to ensure its legitimacy
I don’t know if you’re gonna make it fren

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what's to stop them from making a deal to buy in between one another until "contractual obligations are met" due to "unforeseen circumstances" in order to abide by the contract? asking as a diamond hand collector. I don't mean to FUD any paper hands here but I imagine some bullshit temporary law is going to be passed by Biden for his in laws and friends.

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same actually wow

hold, its the only way brother.

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Buy high, sell low.

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420k, frens.

We can do this.

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how low do you think gevo will dip today?
i want to get in on it

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