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We are making /biz great again

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lol if liberals and democrats knew and understood how chainlink can help connect to what would be considered definitive truth they would call for an outright ban on this token if the results of that definitive truth wouldn't benefit them.

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Nice meme
Are they going to exit con this week?

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Wrong person

I know anon I know
It’s all coming together

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You guys still haven't figured it out have you?

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checked. 55 digits confirm

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The few. The proud. The Linkmarines.

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It’s true, all of it.

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Will you retaliate Xi's blockchain comments? Adopt Chainlink and meet with Sergey Nazaorv to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Also why the Bitcoin hate? 4D chess?

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based af

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link and one go hand in hand

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Where should I store my Linkies, Metamask or hardware wallet? I have most in cold storage anyways.

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That depends on how much demand there is for data from various smartcontracts etc. It's complicated, but in a growth phase where smartcontracts are getting adopted, I'd say the yearly ROI could be like 30% even. That will get more lower and stable as others see such a huge ROI and start running nodes as well. At $1000 I'd say it will be like 12% max, but then again the derivatives market is like 1.4 quadrillion so there is still a lot of room to grow which means the ROI might be higher as well.

It's really fucking complicated, but Serg said we're gonna make it next month so don't worry about it.

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So currently smartcontracts are quite limited. Basically all you can do is create tokens and - don't get me wrong, I love tokens I'm a big fan of that, but that's like 20% of the usecase of smartcontracts. Now for the 80% of other usecases you need smartcontracts that can get data from the realworld. The problem is that to get data from outside the blockchain, you need to trust an oracle. This is called "The Oracle Problem".

Anyway basically fundamentally I'm all in and we are all going to make it. Next month.

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Bought LINK at $0.14, put it on a ledger and never even considered taking it off.

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What happens to all the central bankers and the current financial elite once the wealth is transferred? Will LINKies be buying CNN and turning it into transparency?

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Check'd and yeah I still can't believe LINK is going to beat /biz/'s second favourite coin.

It's time for Monero to pass the baton

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Congratulations guys. This is the singularity. You have suffered for years. This is our time.

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Think about it, why would a blue cube be worth this much? Why has it always maintained its value since 2017?

Well, what if I told you aliens need CHAINLINK to survive. Yes it is useless for us humans, it is just a cube, but for aliens they need it in massive quantities because some substance/energy in it is crucial for their survival just like food and money is for us.

Get enlightened my simple minded mundane friends.

Bitcoin, link, eth will never fail. For an omnipotent ai super computer to be present, it needs to eliminate its only weakness first, which is a centralized point of failure. Remove this centralized source of power, and push for decentralization as well as backup decentralization plans in place and you can literally never shut him down or hack it to be within your control. Once blockchain is the backbone of the current digital world, things will change for the worse for the lower and non existent middle class.

The government has been priming you for this reveal decades ago, all the movies/dramas now involve some kind of extraterrestrial being or people with superpowers, we have been primed so much to the point that when they do reveal their existence as our overlords and dependency on our chi, creativity and chainlink, we will not even be surprised or scared anymore because it has become pretty normal actually especially for generation z.

This will happen, and you might as well profit from it by going all in the foundational pillars of blockchain and enjoy that wealth for hopefully some long years before we can’t!

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Tommorow singularity we all awaited will happen when facebook announces that it will use chainlink to get price feeds from various currencies. We will see massive vol we have never seen before.

Praise god.


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