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Haven’t checked the GitHub in a min but that shit was in testing and about done before fucking Covid hit. We should’ve been had self serve.

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>how much would those upcoming Js sell for you think
$350-$500 depending on the size. My sources tell me there’s only 15k pairs so I’d hodl them if you don’t need the quick flip return right away because these will appreciate 9 months to a year for sure.

Check out the Yeezy Azareth dropping on Tuesday. Another good $150 return easy for the quick flip, and about a $600 shoe within a year. This is the most hyped Yeezy release of the year and only 10k pairs worldwide. Good luck if you go for them.

You know multi millionaires, actors, musicians, influencers, boomers, and zoomers go thrifting right? It’s actually a huge fashion trend. Thrifting is a huge deal.

Also I guarantee I see more designer clothes in a week than you do in 5 years, and owned more than you ever will. It’s stupid. Anyone who calls themselves an investor wouldn’t piss away money on dumb shit like that. You’re the type that goes broke in less than a year if you ever made it, flexing like a retard for 800 IG followers trying to attract thots that will bleed your bank account dry before you even got a chance to fuck.

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