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literally less profitable than buy and hold
rsi will make you lose the over-extended pump and dumps where majority of the big candles happen, cause you will look at the crosses and take action too early, and doing rsi on charts that already happened is literally winning the powerball in hindsight, it doesn't work that way
i tried months of backtesting with different rsi, and the best one is laguerre rsi, and even in that case you can get fucked quite easily, or be mislead with overfitting and get rekt the year after, and your strategy works until it doesn't
so basically you are wasting tons of time and effort, and if you are lucky if you can get the same return of a well timed basic buy and hold strategy
going all in at the bottom or near-bottom (like NOW, after luna/ust/celsius/ftx collapse) and waiting 3 years is a lot more profitable than swinging like a moron for the next 3 years
meanwhile like >>52625227
>the Stoch RSI is basically topped and BTC is about to dump
you are still swinging like morons at the very bottom

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