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So why does the price always go down after the Stoch RSI is stopped and go up after the Stoch RSI is bottomed? Ah yes, that's because of how Stoch RSI works; due to its inherent nature; because it's a visual representation of the will of the market - when the market wants to sell more than buy, the Stoch RSI and the price goes down, and when the market wants to buy more than sell, the Stoch RSI and the price goes up.

Picrel is from June 16th, showing the hourlies. Dumped from $22800 (after fully topping) down to and below $20k following this Stoch RSI topping. You'll notice on the 1H when it micro-pumped to $24k that even there the Stoch RSI rose from the bottom to the top - because of course it did. "B-b-but why wasn't the price difference during that pump there from-the-Stoch-RSI-bottom as great as the price difference when the Stoch RSI went down as the price dumped $28k? Why didn't it pump as much as it dumped?" the brainlet ponders. That's because of the bear market. In a bull market the opposite happens. Also, learn what the letter R in Stoch RSI means.

Original thread for the pic: https://archived.moe/biz/thread/49688128/
Follow-up post with updated screenshot: >>/biz/thread/49688128#p49696212
Follow-up thread: https://archived.moe/biz/thread/49724286/
One of countless "I told you so" moments where Stoch RSI chads, smug and comfy, triumphs yet again - while the brainlets cry and cope, as always.

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