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See this kek in every XSN thread, didn’t listen and bought in at 2400 and more at 3000. Got called stupid for doing so but i’m in a lot of profit right now and he’s still shit posting

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if you get btc in your ID, you're gonna make it
only a 4.7% chance, rolling!

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Is Altria a good long-term buy? Good dividend tendies and feasts on addiction

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Go back. Reminder this is the buisness board not the doomsday faggot board

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is dropshipping still a viable way to make money in 2019?

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glad to see the government has its priorities straight during this shutdown

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w e are b a c k

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I know fren, so fucking comfy.

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Don't say nobody warned you, Bitcoin is stabilizing and this will give alts room to flourish. This is a platform specifically rnade for payment based dApps. No crypto

That means you can have MULTIPLE businesses using the REQ platform to build a ''pay with request" button. for example. They'll be completing with each other
Company A might focus fiat development, company B might focus on real estate, They'll ALL be using the platform and ALL transactions done through THEIR
businesses will make YOUR tokens more valuable. Retards don't understand this, when you invest in a stock, you are investing in one SINGULAR business to do
well. When you buy REQ tokens. whether a business succeeds OR fails. the total supply of REQ tokens SHRINKS, and there is an automated process to BUY more
tokens, meaning demand for your token goes up as supply goes down,

God traditional investors are so, so fucking dumb. It's comical how fucking dumb they are that they're not getting in on this literal money printer. Instead opting for
safe 1 percent returns. Lmfao. The gnashing of teeth of people that study investments for hours and hours that will get ROIcucked by me as I sit in a chair with my
hand on my dick. Feels so fucking amazing.

A small, fixed percentage of every transaction that goes through on the REQ based COAX, the REQ based PayPal, the REQ based auditing service. the REQ based ecommerce store. will be used to buy REQ tokens at market rate and then literally delete them from existence. The volume is going to be out of this world. The supply of REQ tokens will dry up faster than you can blink, nobody will be selling these for years to the humans that are demanding them because they're such good investments. People will be paying hundreds of dollars for just one of my hundreds of thousands of tokens.
God it's going to feel fucking amazing, like the first time you had sex with your crush under the stars.

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Stay poor

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Alright Biz.
Fresh out of college and getting a job soon.
I need a new bank because I moved to SoCal.
My dad has Wells Fargo, but I heard that's shitty.
I had BB&T and was happy with them.
I'd like a bank that I can have a cool app with. I like online banking a lot.
What bank do y'all have?
I heard Chase was good for the bonus you get for signing up, but I don't have direct deposit for that.

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Alright Biz.
Fresh out of college and getting a job soon.
I need a new bank because I moved to SoCal.
My dad has Wells Fargo, but I heard that's shitty.
I had BB&T and was happy with them.
I'd like a bank that I can have a cool app with. I like online banking a lot.
What bank do y'all have?

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Newfag here...

I need assistance regarding my „career“: 34 years old, male.

Currently employed with a big company its actually one of the largest in my country. I´m working here for about 10 years now. Since around 5 years I just work parttime, I work from Mondays till Wednesday - 24h week

I´m making between around 1950Euro net worth a month.

Beside the money I have nothing left for the company and my job.

I really don´t like it here. Even working here for only 3 days depresses me.

So, due to NEW restructuring programs the company will fire around 20 more people. My department isn´t affected by this but we all was told that if we have interest in leaving the company, one can talk to his/her boss to get an offer. Everybody leaving the company is getting a onetime severance pay depending on their age, current salary and time working in the company.

I did this… talked to my boss, talked to the boss of HR department… I got an offer now for leaving the company next May 2019. Next step is; Ill receive a contract with all the monetary numbers and conditions, then Ill have some time to discuss this with experts etc.

All in all, they offer me a onetime payment with a net worth of around 45.000-50.000 Euro (can´t tell it exactly due to tax reasons I have to clarify further).

To summarize: It is close to a 2 years payment for STOP WORKING A JOB I DON’T LIKE.

I could start a new job immediately if I wanted to, and of course if I succeed in finding a suitable one. Further I qualify for unemployment wages too, but I´m not sure I’d take this, it is just some kind of “further insurance”.

I could also travel and don’t work for some time and life of the money I have saved, I could start something on my own and see whether I have the power to life of it. If everything goes wrong, I see myself doing another wagecuck shit I don´t like again, but would only lose the “safe haven of my current job”"

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>not buying the dip

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>living as a NEET in Miami
>it's absolutely pouring rain outside during Labor Day


I bet you wagecucks and cubical slaves were so excited to go outside on your Monday off! Looks like you'll have to cancel that excursion to the beach or barbecue at the park! It's definitely not a boat day either. Hopefully, the next time you get a Monday off, the weather will lighten up!

Stay inside and get some rest today. Mr. Shekelstein needs you to pick up the slack tomorrow due to the extended weekend. Bright and early at 9am!

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I have about $250,000. I want to make some passive income. Should I just buy into some REIT's with a high dividend yield or should I buy property to rent out? I was leaning towards an REIT because I can reinvest dividends and not worry about the headaches that come with managing a property and dealing with tenants. But I hear renting out your own property pays out more. What does /biz/ think?

Please don't shill a coin that pays dividends. I'm not interested in crypto.

I guess this can be a passive income general thread. Sorry for the reddit spacing.

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>eat a meal before going to see a movie
>have my gf puts snacks in her purse
>only have to pay a ticket which the movie theater barely makes any money off of
>avoid paying high jewish prices for food and drink at the movie theater

How else do you guys beat the system and businesses that try to jew its customers? How do you make them hurt?

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Memorial Day weekend--the highlight of Spring for wagecucks.

I'm a South Florida neet living off of crpyto gains and inheritance. I usually spend my free time going to the gym, reading, kayaking, fishing, and diving. But right now I feel so bad for wagecucks and 9-to-5 cubicle slaves. It has been raining non-stop this weekend so all the wagies who were looking forward to taking their boats out this weekend and barbecuing on over-crowded beaches have been absolutely BTFO'd. Even then, this morning I went out to run some errands and I saw that the causeways out to the beaches were just swarmed with traffic (just to deal with shitty weather too). This is what wagecucks have to deal with. They work 40+ hours a week to make their boss richer, then on the weekends and holidays when they think they can finally relax and unwind, they have to deal with all the other wagecucks over-crowing places of leisure. The traffic is bad, parking is horribly impossible to find, and the beach if full of filthy spics blasting their reggaeton with the same annoying, repetitive beat that can be heard from a mile away. I really feel bad for them.

As a NEET in SoFlo, I've learned to never do any of my hobbies over the weekend or holidays because the wagies clog things up. But don't forget to go to bed early tonight, wagies, you have work tomorrow morning.

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yeah but how can you argue againest the constant 15% gains it gets weekly

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Steady organic growth.
Clearly undervalued considering its volume.
Potential for massive gains, even in this sea of red.

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Second and last bump.

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones who actually took the time to find a niche project right at it's start. Don't be like most people that FOMO in when it's too late.

Nobody knows and gives a fuck about this project yet because they aren't traded on real exchanges and have no working product. It's fine if you aren't investing in projects without a product, you should however look at the numbers and recent communication efforts by this team and draw your conclusions.

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