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My mattress.

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My parents are the best landlords.

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We are the anti-heroes.

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A day I don't steal anything is a day I stay home. I ALWAYS put some shit in my pockets every time I go out. I'd say 80% of my food is stolen.
I used to have fancy strats, abuse the self scan cashier, but now I just literally put the stuff in my pocket (I have big ones on my jacket) and pay cash so even if the dude on the camera sees me there's nothing he can do to catch me.

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I steal like 80% of my food. I used to have fancy strats and shit but now I just put it in my pockets when in a quiet corner.
I have big pockets so I can put decently big stuff inside. I just pay the big and cheap stuff like vegetables and rice.

Last weekend I had very expensive beef and organic salmon for free. Shit was CASH.

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>company is getting really busy before christmas
>colleagues start working off the clock again
lmaoing everyday at those cuccks
I'm not even that busy but still do a lot of overtime just chilling at the computer and will get paid with 25% bonus

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>ETH miners fudding
We gonna make it lads.

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I made it bros.
I have the fuck you money I always red here and now I must ask you how the fuck can I skip crypto/capital taxes? I don't wanna give anyone my sweet ETH. I live in a Scandinavian country if that makes a difference

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are you retards still holding? I bought, made 3 coom threads and sold for 2.5x

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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he will sign an executive order directing federal agencies to eliminate “unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery.”

checkm8 bobos

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It would absolutely work. Worst case you might get exposed or accused of running a scheme by the lenders/investors and get sued. But in that case the investigation would take 5-10 years (plenty of time for you to spend/hide you money in physical form). And should their be criminal charges (another nearly decade long investigation), you'll likely get a slap on the wrist or spend 6 months in a federal camp / club fed which is rather comfy. Once you get out you can enjoy all the money you hid

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but its unironically true
doomers really think society will collapse if everyone takes a 2 month vacation from their wagie cage

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BCH: bch because it is the real btc. Unlike btc, bch actually has faster transactions, bigger blocks and the same proof of work as our lord Satoshi Nakamoto intended.

Litecoin: all in on litecoin because of the same reason im allin on bch. However, litecoin uses scrypt in its proof of work due to the usage of scrypt in its algorithm the devices used to mine litecoin are more complicated to create and more expensive to produce.

Tron: The reason for diving into tron is because Justin Sun is a fucking retard and probably a scammer too (who knows). In this day and age you need to invest in some of these meme coins. Either you get scam like all the idiots or walk away big.

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my nigga

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Want some XLM?


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Were finally going to make it bros

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Its a good feel, thanks anon.

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Bought the bottom on BCH. BTC, ETH and LTC

Sold half of everything just now

Playing with free money now until 2021/2

Finally did something right

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Weekly MACD cross by tomorrow

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Even if my pension falls through (it won't), I'll have a huge 401k and IRA to keep me very happy.

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What is the best secured credit card I should get to help me raise my credit score?
This will be my first credit card AND I have no credit score.

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Can bitcoin be charged back? Im trying to sell an account to someone who claims they will send the BTC first and that it's not possible to be scammed this way. Is this true?

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