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maybe we should migrate there for good, link sisters?

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Chainlink will always underperform. Why? Have you ever used it? Sure, it can be used by devs of some garbage scam apps to pull quality data, but that's not most people who buy crypto. If there is no reason for people like me or you to buy (like ETH has) the price will always be trash.

2019-2020 performance was an outlier caused by speculation because there was a psyop that this was the most important project in crypto (it isn't)

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How long can you last while they continue to suppress the price for what could be another few years? Think you mentally have what it takes? By all accounts, you should have already been wealthy like people early to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Chainlink fudder here to confess, I lost my link stack in a freak circumcision accident involving my rabbi, our rabbis here in bulgaria are thieves so he stole my key which I had hidden in my foreskin. This caused me extreme mental torment because i was relying on chainlink mooning for my gender reassignment surgery. I started off fudding solo but later was recruited by george soros organization. My manager told me that a small group of 200 racist incels on biz were foiling the illuminatis plot at world domination and it was up to me to bring the NWO into fruition. My contacts at george soros rothschild corporation set me up with a top of the line GOONING station. I have 12 monitors to monitor the situation, usually I have 11 of them playing cuck findom sissy hypno porn which I goon to while jacking off 16 hours a day. On 1 of the monitors i keep /biz/ open and thats where i do my main work of fudding chainlink. I have receuited top of the line goon agents and together we have been running special ops psyop fuds theoughout biz and the entire blockchain. I have traced over 3400 confirmed chainlink OG wallets and so far we have eliminated 1200 of them. We have a direct phone line to wallstreet and the NYSE where we suppress link whenever we see positive sentiment on /biz/. The latest pump will be neutralized, as an insider I can tell you that chainlink will not pump until the rest of the 2400 biz /og/s have been eliminated. We have all the money and porn in the world to keep us motivated and focused. Not a single drop of cum will be spared for the annihilation of all link holders. I will not be posting again.

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2023 will be the year of Chainlink

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It would appear upon inspection, that the token is, in fact, needed.

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**AHEM** I have a very important announcement to make

Token not needed

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LINK is BY FAR the worst asset of the bull run
>hold, team dumping on your head every month, lose
>can’t even participate in the defi that it propels:
>put link in aave, get liquidated
>put link in bancor, lose 50% because their IL protection is a scam that just prints BNT and causes more IL for everyone
>stake on Celsius, get rugged

stinkies, when will they learn?

it truly is the worst asset of the bullrun and /biz/ is in large part responsible for it all

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so I missed the bottom, my buy order at $5.0 didn't fill. Are we going back down? Or should I place my orders at $5.5?

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Staking changes everything. Big players will start leeching off the yield and start shilling, word of mouth will amplify. This is the beginning of the retail marketing and awareness phase. Luna was 20% based on thin air, this is 5% based on fee capture from the entire defi economy and will keep growing organically. People will start understanding why oracles are critical. It's gonna be insane and I'm so excited for you kids.

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Where do they get their money for their day to day operations? Will they be able to survive the bear market?

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TerraLuna collapsed due to an app on its network, Achor, creating a vulnerability by promising a 20% return which was eventually exploited.
Could the same thing happen to Chainlink where an app on the CL network serves as a trojan horse which will lead to Chainlink's demise?

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Why are all the big wallets selling?

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Why are almost all LINK Marines also anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists?

What is it that draws conspiracy theorists towards LINK?

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Thinking about taking a $50k 7 year at 5.5% interest loan and putting it all in chainlink. I can easily pay the ~$700 payments via my job. What say you biz?

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>Dumps Harder

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My short just got filled. Here we go!

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I just found out about Chainlink. My god, this is the greatest opportunity in the world and the short-sighted autists here are too impatient to wait a few years. It really makes me sad actually and lose faith in humanity, why can we not be content with what we have? Why do you we always turn into greedy pieces of garbage even when given the ticket to infinite abundance? This world needs some deep level ayahuasca healing

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I'm starting to think it might be overvalued. I'm concerned bros

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>doesn't pump like other alts
>dumps harder than other alts
What the fuck is wrong with this thing?

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Here is the hard truth about Chainlink. Everything is priced in already. OCR, staking, DECO etc. Everyone knows what the future of chainlink holds, which is why it hasn't been performing as well as other projects. An announcement of these things will not change the price that much. The whole point of speculation is betting on the unknown, which is why projects like Polkadot, Cardano, UNI etc. has performed way better than chainlink. It's because speculation can take place and people's imagination and anticipation of the unknown carries prices very high. As we advance into the bull market, prices start to multiply on speculation. There is no more speculation on chainlink. It's fairly priced now, and everyone knows what is coming. Play the unknown game in these markets and you will be rewarded. Holding chainlink is no longer the best option in a bull market if you want to maximize profits.

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give me one good reason i should continue to hold this shit

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