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This. It's not just a meme. You need to check the archives to see it for yourself: >>/biz/thread/54711520..

Anyone following Apu the past 24 hours will recognize literally everything in that thread. It's insane.

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>he doubted the shills
this has had 10000x written all over it for ages

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>48% held in Ripple Escrow
>49% held by institutions
>1% as per court documentation in retail access and retail exchanges
>Institutional securities ruling goes to trial
>99% of the supply is locked
>Institutions are forced to buy retail's bags to participate
This "partial win" is taking XRP to $3.75m each, $37500 after Ripple wins the trial.

For free.

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Runescape gave me an extreme tolerance for grinding and optimization problems, and the GE helped with jewing people
I learned how to trade TF2 hats for a short period too, and made about $40 trading Steam emotes, before they added IRS tax rules to the platform.
Even in Path of Exile and Spiral Knights, I was flipping currency and snowballing it, more than actually playing the fucking games.
Finance is just the latest game for me and has real consequences when you do well.

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Flare mooning and SGB crashing at the same time.

My Flare-ies stay care-ies.

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Is that what it was? People had euphoria from the bull run and thought they could stop?

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yes. unironically. this will happen when just 1-10% of reasonably estimated offshore banking wealth goes digital.

privacy is worth a lot of money to some people. for very good reason.

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>all those retards that sold at 180
This is a battle of will faggots, if we all hold we all win.

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This is a great idea with a lot of potential.

Fundamentally, /biz/ is a great place to find high IQ plays (if you haven't found any, then sorry, but you're not part of the club). But it does take a retarded amount of effort to sift through everything else here. If we can build something to filter the good from the bad, we can make a lot of money and help out some Anons in the process.

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>tell some one to buy into whatever shitty thing /biz/ shills as a joke
>"I know you're just fooling around but statements like that actually constitute market abuse, which is a federal crime, and could get you into a world of hurt."

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