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glad to see BTI reject going below $30 for the second time
How many times will SPY reject ATHs? Is this the ceiling? Will money flow out of the Magnificent 7 into smaller companies while keeping SPY flat? I have so many questions and I won't believe any of your answers.

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I only know how to go from $10 to $1

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i'm a little skeptical of elmo but bought a bag just in case, the 10% selling fee encourages hodling so could go far, esp with how low marketcap it is rn

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>government wants to mint a $1 trillion coin
>Interest rates through the roof makes financing more expensive than any other time in my life
>Near impossible to start a business without access to capital because financing is too expensive
>Still priced out of nice housing anyways
>Inflation still high
>Nothing is affordable
>Democrats running the country into the ground

Is it time to short the United States unironically? How?

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holding onto hope is more painful than letting go

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Nose ring ruins it.

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Yuo summon the tit-demons from the outer veil, the creations have no soul, for they are left empty, filling the void with your energy. They are the lesser spawns of evil.

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Sitting 90% cash for months now. I miss making money

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Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends
Like my father's come to pass
20 years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends

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We're going to be poor forever aren't we

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I am so fucking tired of oil dumping then pumping a bit over and fucking over constantly in this limbo of low 90s to like 101 per barrel and constantly being the red or green is pissing me off. I should have just sold me ETF when I was 7k in the green a month or so ago when crude hit 120~ a barrel. Now I am on this rollercoaster that has me sweating every day at lunch when I check it. Oil dumped 5% today and Canadian exchanges are closed today my oil ETF is going to absolutely fucking dump tomorrow.

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I deliberately pay too much in taxes so I get the money back next year from tax services.
My dopamine receptors are too fried to actually save up manually.

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>didn't make frens
>only made money

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>7 yr old
>only made $9.8 trillion last week trading Lean Hogs
Life is pain

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Do you really thinks jews would leave bread crumbs about stuff like this online?

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so this is more of a personal problem of mine it seems

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a 100lb bar could fren

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I agree, but their goal is to have a good receptor to target, then get bought out by one of the larger pharmas that will develop the drug.
It costs billions to bring a drug to market, or even get to phase 3. Penny pharma isn't gonna do that.

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I'm 31 with only 100k. Am I gmi?

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I think people mostly have issues with Chinky Lee. The coin itself is no different than Doge.

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