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Perhaps. Entertaining theories is for entertainment purposes to help pass the time. No one should hang their hat on any particular theory especially those with dates attached.

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Thanks anon

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Hello, friends I have an annocement. I hold AVI. That is all.

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even 4mil will make you rich. most people who hold avi dont know whats coming, just so you know

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I assure you the pleasure is all mine my good man.<div class="xa24desu"></div>

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Been DCA'ING PEPE since 144.

I never doubted Kek.

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I don't care about your coin but an enemy of janny is a friend of mine.

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based af lmfao

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don't it fellas

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In the intricate tapestry of contemporary business landscapes, the quest for operational excellence has emerged as the ultimate Holy Grail, the elusive beacon that guides visionary leaders through the treacherous seas of competition. Imagine a bustling factory floor, a symphony of machinery, employees diligently working in perfect harmony. Each gear turns with precision, every cog fitting snugly into place, just as meticulously choreographed as a ballet performance. This ballet of machinery and manpower, often concealed within the vast realm of a company's operations, is where the magic of production efficiency unfolds. It's like a well-rehearsed orchestra, with each instrument playing its part to compose a harmonious symphony of productivity. The synchronization of workflows, lean methodologies, and Six Sigma principles is the secret recipe that transforms businesses into high-performance engines, propelling them towards sustainable growth. The pursuit of the lean, just-in-time principles and Kaizen philosophy is akin to a relentless treasure hunt for optimized processes and waste elimination. In this high-stakes game of operational finesse, efficiency becomes the elixir of success, a prized jewel hidden amidst the labyrinthine corridors of modern commerce, beckoning astute leaders to decipher the code and unlock the door to prosperity.

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to see where this all goes

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>stop shitting up the thread
>shits up the thread
Anywho anon I would've ignored you but by letting you know why Bitcoin has Utiliy I can inform you and make you seethe simultaneously.
With deflationary currency - which has become absorbed by the financial system. It almost will always make sense to buy some with your depreciating fiat monopoly money.
> it will go down anon, I seen it
Yes, but you waited so long you need a fucking starting point. You invested say 5% of your capital because you are risk adverse. You now double down when you see your bitcoin has been jewed downward for the past year. Check in every year, double down or such if its down enough. It provides a utiliy- hedge- against your fiat of choice inflation. Eventually it won't get jewed so much but we are a long way from that. A lot of gov owned coins, they want to not see it blow USD away right away, etc. As such it has quite a bit of utility as a hedge against inevitable fiat devaluation. Deflationary store of value is a hell of a utiliy. Also possibly the only on ramp to Monero in the future, time will tell.

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The plebs get too many public holidays. In my humble opinion.

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Congratulations I'm sorry I missed my NVDA calls by a penny so I'm a bit upset glad the wife and kids aren't home. I got a couple amd though cause I thought clown market and all

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You calling me the second coming? I consider myself the king of Zion... But same thing right?

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People are minting coins with actual value. The brc-20 was made by some fetishist who likes certain satoshis for some reason ascribing arbitrary value to collecting satoshis minted on certain blocks. Like he thinks if you have a block that is unique mathematically it means it is more valuable.

Anyway it ended up being a way to turn your bitcoin into 49000000 Pepexxxx coins and then doing with that what you will. All of this takes place on btc blockchain. So Bitcoin is being inflated in a way massively, and transaction fees are choking off layer 1. Something like that, correct if wrong shit niggers. M-on-ero

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Which is more important to you: reaching a level of absolute wealth or reaching a level of wealth relative to others?

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My deepest apologies for my tairdiness, I just couldn’t help but notice how magnificently based OP is. Here’s a toast to my good friend and chap, OP

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Based. I'm with /ourdev/

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Kek this in ironically. I'm a dobaggie and I play both sides. I seethe with the dobaggies but also follow all of ghostberg's rugs

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we just like to have a lil fun round here

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