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Commie swerve. If market manipulation were possible, central planning would be possible, as central planning could be performed entirely through price manipulation. But central planning is known to be impossible, therefore anything that would allow effective central planning must necessarily also be impossible.

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Sorry you're too stupid to see the difference between a superorganism and a memetic parasitic running on the cells of the superorganism, Economy (the superorganism) is shaped by evolutionary forces, BTC is an evolved immune response to an infection (fiat)

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There's still time.

Money literally flows, monetary expansion causes money to flow almost exactly like electricity, with the "monetary impedance" (how easy an asset converts to money) of an asset determining the relative inflation seen by that asset. The nominal future price being a product of (relative inflation)*(real demand growth). BTC, being low impedance, will grow at the rate of (monetary expansion)*(demand growth), demand will continue to grow because an inverse of monetary expansion without liquidation risk, volatility decay, or counterparty risk is highly valuable, money stock will continue to expand because monetary expansion is the mechanism behind oligarchical parasitism.

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10/10 for schizo feels though
this is the nonmarket hours /smg/ i expect

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Nothing is a coincidence.

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Same small amount today mostly neutral I just shifted leverage around for this faggot market.

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