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also he comes in your dreams too, which is beautiful (sometimes as a voice, a figure, or a word)
he may sometimes be a stern Father, but that's what makes him a loving Father
keep God in your heart and follow Jesus (his only son and the perfect example)

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>Pic related to

>And what you think about Religion?
Religion is the last defense from the experience of God
However I'm a practicing Catholic myself
even though the church is definitely corrupted, the whole point is to have faith and trust in God

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>What about the demiurge, who's that?
Pythagoras talks about that
I don't agree that the creator of reality is a flawed entity like Pythagoras conjectured
I think it is our lack of understanding that leads us to reach the conclusion that reality is flawed

>Are you basically saying you don't have sufficient knowledge to prove this is the case.
just because I suspect that this is the case, doesn't necessarily mean I should engage in the incantations and rituals
besides I was raised Catholic so therefore I partake in those rituals within the broader context of the Catholic community
I do have a sort of worship space for myself with figures (the crucifix, some bible verses, and a prism) that are meaningful to me personally and I pray there in private
>pic related

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>even if I understood
Such a shame, you’d be able to learn something if you looked further in the archives and didn’t comment but rather listened and read.
This isn’t reddit. No ones here to give you upvotes. If you don’t understand then instead of yapping you should be quiet.

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>t. Catholic brother

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>hint: he was with us the entire time

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>and if you're really brave, you'll work for us to help more people get out of their mental prison
mfw I'm ready
are my fellow marines ready?
>pic related

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