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10k waiting room.

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The same way religions make dedicating entire lives of the elite's brightest offspring to self-evident falsehoods possible and culturally stable. Academia at its higher echelons is the de facto governing body in our civilization - cultural norms, which govern democracy, have historically been established downwards into the proles and hardly ever upwards into these institutions. The human "sciences" status quo is extremely profitable for students of elite universities because an indoctrination in it facilitates ruling, whereas the uselessness of their information and the fact that it doesn't reflect reality is only an issue for the plebs who need to generate some utility to make money. The misunderstanding and hubris related to the real, profitable function those degrees serve and subsequent attempt to extend them to the plebs (unprofitably) is how you end up with meme degree debt. Read Moldbug.

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Will Chainlink develop its own dispute resolution system? Or will it outsource that to something like Kleros?

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...3.600.000.000 cubic millimeters is 3,6 cubic meters my dude.

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Bump, no larp please


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Crypto is like the opposite of a pot of boiling water, it doesn't move in price unless I stare at it 13 hours straight high on amphetamines, in between jerking off

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How to identify the average biz poster in IRL?

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you guys think tsla is gonna keep going up?

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itt we post how much link stacks and other anons tell us why chance percentage we have to make it. I’ll start

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rent free

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Uhhh, lads? Pls respond.

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Yep. He's eyes are really disturbing

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>That image

Fuck. I miss having a gf. Fuck. :(

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Thoughts on CCL?

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I'm thinking of putting a lot of money into IBM. They have divvy, stock is at a massive discount, and they are getting into cloud properly having bought over red hat.

Does anyone think it's a bad idea?

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People are most attracted to comedy that makes light of their struggles. At it's most base, humor is a release of trauma; we enjoy it because things don't seem so bad anymore.
Most jokes on 4chan are about hopelessness and shit, it's why we keep coming back. This probably has some effect on the psyche. I'm still digesting it.

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Glad you're here fren

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Putting this on /biz/ btw because I think it is the highest IQ board that still allows shitposting. (unironically, the only smarter boards are lit and sci)

I posted this last night and only got three responses, but they were frightening. I just want to see what the people browsing right now think. and because I'm not going to be asleep and will be able to discuss shit. here:

I frequently go through slumps where everything i say is awkward and it bcomes incredibly difficult to get out of my head. Problem is that I'm an extrovert, and literally the only way I can get out of these slumps is if I force my self to socialize and bear through the horrific interactions until i gather enough energy to just one day wake up and not be slumped. I know I have to do this b/c it doesn't stop unless I do. My longest slump was two months cause I was just trying to wait it out instead of bearing through it. Doesn't work.
Another problem is that when I'm not in a slump, I'm extremely charismatic, expressive, I unironically become the funniest person I know.
So there's this expectation of me b/c people tend to remember good things more or whatever. and sometimes one day I just wake up and I'm cringe and out of focus and actually just seem aspergers, but i don't have aspergers, i have adhd.
whats going on here?
been slumped since last saturday btw

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Can someone explain to a brainlet the MakerDao system. Do you earn the stability fee of your locked eth ?

As I undertand it, you lock up eth, that allows you to take some amount of Dai. In order to retrieve your eth you have to pay back all the dai + something called the penalty fee (13%)

how does the stability fee play into this, do your earn it (10%) on the amount of dai that you have outstanding ? as a way to maintain the CDP open ?

pls explain

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