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>check the price
>it dumped

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Ha, I've heard that one before. Based as fuck my friend

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its funny how fast did this pasta age. No wonder Wall Streeters are fucking afraid, we go through one generation in 24 hours. And they did this all. We just wanted some gainz and they forced it into a fucking financial war while they laid a minefield with a public map to it and placed themselves in the middle:D

I love you all you magnificent cunts

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Morning Amerifriends.

Daily advice you to pump a bit into Norwegian air shuttle at this point (after late feb 2021/new stock batch issue). It's also heavily 737max and corona stricken company, but it has many advantages.

1. It just released recovery plan (that will mean slower recovery to lower heights, so don't salivate over the past performance, that won't be actual for several years if ever again)
2. It is pretty important service in the north of Norway and will be always to some extent supported by the government. They just applied for more help and it looks very much like they will get it. The state today (21.1.2021) agreed to support the company again.
3. ! BEWARE! They will be issuing new batch of stocks soon to cover a part of debt, so the price of the stock will be going down first! Wait after the release! I expect the price to actually drop to some 8-10NOK!

But at that point the price will be at it's lowest. And the company will be operating 35/150 planes with a realistic recovery plan. It will ofc depend on corona fucking off at some point. If we are still in lockdown for whole 2021, it might bankrupt, but that's kinda overall issue for all of us now..

22.1.2021 we should get yet another news regarding the lawsuit against BA, so the price might still grow a bit.

I myself am now watching the price reactions in hope that I will get rid of some bags to buy more later. I will likely be holding a few bags for several months before it recovers. I believe the company survives and my average price of NOK 73 will get to some 200-500 during months after corona.

I got some genuinely good advices and pitches here, so this is my contribution to our meme portfolio of corona related gambles.

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Just bought another 2000 GRT at 35c. Not buying GRT under $1 is laughable, selling GRT at a LOSS is idiotic.

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>I think the problem is people think “bitcoin started in the cents and is now $30k - I need to find something else which costs cents but will end up costing tens of thousands so I can become a billionaire!”. That’s not going to happen.
This. People who have that kind of mindset are either 1) newfags in crypto, 2) intellectually challenged, or 3) simply Indians.

Morons forgot that back in the 2017 bull run, scamcoins and literal vaporware like Bitconnect, Confido, Verge, Tron etc went x10 or more. With tens of billions in market cap. If literal trash pumped that high, what do you think is gonna happen with a legit project with working products like GRT? Do the math and ask yourselves, anons. For once, use your own brain and reasoning.

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You're right. In a sense bitches and whores can be seen as digital currency too. And it's cryptic as fuck so it's hard as fuck to discern whether they are scams or not. Just commit yourself to a blanket statement and avoid it all, is what I've done and it has worked wonders for my purse.

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Alright will check out the thread for more discussion. Thanks

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needs one like this

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>its going to $2
$2 would be a good start. Almost x10 from current price.

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Probably like 50.

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Eat shit and stay poor

also, buy XOM

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Holy shit you are so fucking mad. Park that lambo in your parents garage and go to bed son, it's past 8PM

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Thx for the answer, didn't expected to see an actual one

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Craig sure does have a big brain.

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>i messaged him on ig one time to tell him how based he is
He's the one pajeet who will be allowed in the citadel

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At what point do we stop caring about changes +/- a dollar and only start caring about moves up to 20, 30, 40, etc

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