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>netflix cancels my sub and refunds me 2 months worth for no reason
>4k june for free after re-subbing
>buy NFLX at 5x lev with S/L below this week's doji
>$30 loss if it gets stopped
kek they're practically paying for my longs

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Oh, Victoria secret is discussing acquisition with Amazon? Like JC Penney was?
That sounds like the same "partnership confirmed" shitcoin news that comes out.
And Amazon just had their 8th death a few days ago and refuse to disclose how many are sick, and are having warehouses threatened with closure.

Did you fool yourself into the Herd Market mentality?

Tell me, Anon.
Did you buy the top?

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this fucking guy man

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Imagine when you’re 35 and she’ll be 50. Imagine you’re 45 and she’s 60. You really want to be 55 with a 70 year old? Wew lad that’s cucked

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you people are gonna roll into the greatest Recession in American history as the poorest motherfuckers on planet Earth

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I'd rather defend a well respected doctor, than post on the internet about how I've jerked an empty hole into my life

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how many months of sandwich-making do you think he lost?

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>he doesn't know

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It’s amazing. People are too much of stupid poorfags to invest properly. They literally find a good shitcoin, but then when it starts dipping they panic sell. Such a poorfag mentality.

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Jokes ok you that’s the most based folio Iv ever fucking seen

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Who could have predicted this

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If you dont buy, the only ones who get burned are the scammers

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Ghost shitcoin threads and California hate threads, you guys really know how to put out quality content

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>Shoots off own foot
>Cuts off other because its too hard to stand on only 1

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>believing a communist nation that controls all information flow

how embarrassing

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>3.8k to 9.5k in two months
god u bobos are the dumbest fucking morons on this board

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How brave of you to offer up the American public to feel out a virus.
You think this doesn't affect you so that means its okay to ignore it. So why contain it?

The whole globe is on a pandemic lockdown and every nation has its own flavor of mass grave, but you're the brave contrarian who can see past all the media and medical experience to come to the conclusion we should just let this spread unmitigated, in a nation where everyone has at least SOME kind of medical issue?

Are you trying to destabilize our country completely? what kind of moron are you?
Do you think the world is run by Armchair medical theorists like you who think they're invincible to a novel strain of virus?
And we're all just quarantining for the fun of it?

Its always cute that everyone wants everything to just go back to normal, like just wishing for it will make everything better and the thing you cant see is deprived of its power.
absolutely pathetic, and honestly I bet retards like you are spreading a Psyop to destabilize our country by encouraging all the retards to pretend a medical emergency has no power over you.

OOO but the poverty oooOO
How about unmitigated spread touching upon our supply chains and not only killing and demoralizing essential workers, and contaminating food supply?

> When the quarantines are lifted in whatever state you live in, you should seek help (in person).
I recently called my 4 foot stout, neet, sickly faggot of a friend out for being an insufferable asshole and this is almost word for word how he responded.
I can see where he got it.

You all disgust me with your simple solution of letting fellow Americans burn so your pathetic way of life can be unaffected.
I hope when you're old and Americans are debating about throwing away your lives for the sake of getting a haircut again, you'll realize the implications of your selfish desires.

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based beyond comprehension

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bruh, thats some peak ignorance posting

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>highest unemployment in American history and largest bailout in American history

sounds like the leftist demagogues are going to have a pretty strong voter base, if thats the case.
It's almost like these people are put in a position of being "poor and angry" before they vote for someone who appeals to their poor and angry sentiment :^)

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Yeah gamer slouch Don with an 85% administrative turnover rate, who walks up onto stage and claims no responsibility, relies on Easter miracles, and doesn't listen to his medical advisors, as well as blocks and fires anyone who goes against him. Even reduced our Pandemic response powers.

We're much better off than when we were with the President who prevented Ebola and H1N1 from becoming widespread.

Nothing says "fiscal responsibility" like reducing your own power to protect your country for the sake of some more money in the bank,
And then panic printing an insane amount of money when things get all fucky.
Why put oil in your car if it still runs without it?

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I dont buy puts.
I bought food, a gun, and SQQQ

I'm gonna be eating good while you watch your pile of sand blow away in the wind

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