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i've made $100k from chainlink and I have no fucking idea what an oracle is

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that, my good sirs, is a man.

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Stock cuck btfo.
Crypto chads reign supreme once again.

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Syscoin seems most promising. Never shilled here. Developing since 2014. Binance partnered, they will use their tech.

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1)So I can accumulate more bags for cheaper. This is a tactic everyone does, even Marc Cuban recently said when he really likes a project he fuds it to everyone so he can buy it for cheaper.
2)Because I like the project and want to get an entry point for cheaper.

Basically if you see any fud posts, the OP simply wants to buy cheaper bags of that project. Now don't tell any other newfags this secret and start fudding your coins too.

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Been buying since 13c, bought more in the .20c range and 30c range, bought the top a couple hours ago at 49c and I am still fucking buying.

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We are still above the price of 2 days ago.

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Sold all my LINK to buy BNB at $150. BNB in 2 days did what LINK would take 2 months to do. Officially in the 7 figure club.

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All the etherium tokens are bleeding into BSC.
We are actually witnessing what a flipening looks like.

This will be an historic moment in crypto if it actually happens

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>t. bought the dip
See you at $40 nigger

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So the plan is to create a discord server with about 20 microsoft support-tier pajeets. I will create a coin once a month by copy pasting boilerplate code, and hire a marketing team to design the logo and create a folder of memes. We will need somewhere between 50-100 ETH worth of liquidity to build a false sense of trust amongst market participants. Coordinate with the marketing team to make sure that the brand evokes faith with sales pitches such as "liquidity locked", and "deflationary token economics", "moonshot". We then deploy the product on the open market and W H A M

The shill raids begin. Buy orders start rolling in from all around the world and the telegram fills up to the brim. All FUD is quarantined for genocide, and moonboi/HODL shills coordinate a mentality of apathy as the plan unfolds. The chart will begin to skyrocket as the sheer weight of our numbers and stylish marketing causes daily revenue increases in the thousands of percent. Then, just as things begin to look grim at shill HQ, we sell the company on the open market and cash out our profits. Generally we can expect a 50-1000% profit ratio per month. If you know of anything that can beat that, kill yourself you lying jew. So, do you want to make some fucking money or what, Larry?

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Justin with an E shhhh

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This company shorted link and lost millions of dollars. They think Sergey can manipulate the price by making it pump at will. They are fucking pathetic lmfao

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ADA will reach over 5000$ this year this summer

Screencap this

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2021 is going to be one hell of a year

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t. salty bird-shitskin
Stay mad you missed out retard
3 years.

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40% /biz/ to fud decent projects and spam my shitcoin bags
30% /fit/ to give unrealistic PR goals to newbies and push meme diets
10%/pol/ to post HAPPENINGs on nothing
10% /x/ to push schizos over the edge and larp as enlightened
5%/tv/ for sneed posting
1 %/biz/ to have real discussion about investments
1% /fit/ to actually try and learn new things and help newbies
1% /pol/ to actually discuss events
1% /x/ to discuss world religion
1% /tv/ for more sneed posting

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I just got a pm from the discord admin. They actually decided to go with the original plan, and use link as intended.

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nice singles

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I'm tired of the "# digit" hell meme. Pretty much everyone can make it to four figs in a few months, maybe a week or a month for some. 6 figs is the hell zone you're literally several hundred thousands away and that takes years if not decades to make it to and then to ascend from it?! Don't get me started you new faggots have no idea what 6 fig hell is...

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>muh fundamentals
>muh balding beta idol

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Bullshit larp

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