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Nice bantz

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>Dong mentions that the safer bank that Bitfinex and Tether have moved all their funds to will not be named to avoid regulatory scrutiny from the U.S financial regulators.
Yes we have billions of dollars to back up all those billions of tethers.
no we aren't going to tell you where our new bank account is, because we want to keep it hidden from the authorities.

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>91.5% of residents spoke Yiddish at home
>the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation, and the largest percentage of residents who receive food stamps.
>A 2011 New York Times report noted that, despite the town's very high statistical poverty rates, "It has no slums or homeless people. No one who lives there is shabbily dressed or has to go hungry."

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Does /biz/ have enough capital to cause an recession?

I mean if /biz/ would sell all it's stocks and crypto at same day, what would happen?

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>The chairman of a company is the head of its board of directors.
>The board is elected by shareholders and is responsible for protecting investors' interests,
>Directors appoint--and can fire--upper-level managers such as the CEO and president.

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>reading the financial data straight from companies is the best source of information

I'd like to eventually get to that point but right now it's like trying to read another language when I only have the very bottom line basic understanding about how stocks work, that's why I sort of rely on news outlets to pre-digest the information for me, but ideally I'd like to learn how to pick out information and do my own analysis to find opportunities yet there's just so much information out there. I'm right now working through the sticky on Investopedia/Khan Academy but it's slow going and I'm still waiting for that light bulb moment when things click. Part of me is thinking about getting some type of financial tutor or doing a class somewhere to get some guidance.

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Huh. Not too long ago, fruit was the only thing in Australia that wouldn't kill you.

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I understand how I get screwed by it as a consumer (credit card debt, student loans, etc) but how do WE take advantage of it. It's not like we have institutional level amount of money to make more money by loaning it out and I don't fucking trust those LendingClub type sites either.

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I worked for a shitcoin.
Guy had like 100k available from investors but would use it for the worst shit; 10 advisors, each getting paid 500 a month for literally nothing. I even invited a "friend" ; me with fake info to become an advisor.

After the fall from 20k investors pulled out; he suddenly was in debt; everyone left and (the ico which was running for 1 month already) had literally 0 sales.

(Just a shitty erc20 token; literal scam, but no the retard actually thought his project would revolutionize something and raise Millions )

Dumb people thinking other people are even dumber than themself truly are the dumbest of dumb people.

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>ำไญฆ฿ไฦ ฺๅตูม ฑณฦรแ฻ ฃญ ฤฝ็ฮ๘ธ ้คค ภจดศั

ฝฺท่ ๔ลไฆ จ๎๋ ฝศๆ฾็

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so im trying to make an indicator right now in pine editor, but i cant for the life of me get this color change segment to work
the idea is that one line "opb" passes over "cl" and the color changes from red to green (rather, lime) and output it as a ternary operator that i can just plug into the "color" segments of my plots

> up = crossover(cl, opb)
> cond = (up : lime ? red)
thus making "cond" i can plug in for matching color changes
and also tried
> up = cl >= opb
> var = (opb - cl)
> up = var < 0

every single fucking time it returns me THIS shit error
>failed, reason: Script could not be translated from: : lime ? red)|E|

anyone catch wtf could be going wrong?
ive literally never had this problem before, ever and have gotten color change conditions to work just fine
this ones just making trouble for me for no reason

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Damn I just posted in the other thread just as it was finishing up, guess I'll repost it here

Talk to me about long term dividend yielding stocks, what do we like boys?

So far I got:

F (for the time being)

Looking to deploy just a little more capital and then sit on it for a while.

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Putting 2 and 2 together. Im blown away

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>tfw satoshi is playing 10d chess

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Fuck us all

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Can someone explain why people would want crypto to be stable? Volatility is where the most money is made.

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Is csw right when he says only miners matter and only miners decide what to do?

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Why does nobody blast the television with ads about shitcoins? I mean you literally only have to get the normies to buy the total shit tokens to make your money back easily. Just lie to them like say decentralized oracles... but I don't see no LINK ads on the telly?

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If using cryptocurrency became illegal, do you think people would stop using it? Would there be criminals to handle the illegal transactions or would people just be out of their money?

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20x is the max on mex

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i saw this copypasta on r/wsb also anon; it's compelling but i have to wonder why its being shilled.

its a hard play to make, too, since the stock is hard to borrow and the puts are really expensive. there's also the fact that a lot of dumb money is getting poured into this, and if you're right too early you'll get margin called and lose your shirt.

not to mention the possibility of musk pulling another solar city move and using SpaceX money to bail out his car company.

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Its funny how people like you are afraid of a poor black person or muslim from Syria stealing your girlfriend and you call us cucks.

Seems like youre the ones with the inferiority complex.....

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>i want a job
>also i don't want to work

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