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I will pay money to play myself in the movie

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Even if she did pay $100 dollars for it (she didn't) why would you pay more than 10% of that for the 10% you consumed?

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I am puzzled by your unhinged schizo boomerposting. What shithole did you crawl out of?

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that's a very interesting theory, anon

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>never short
>its going to zero
>only long
>its going to zero

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>switch to 1 minute chart for BTC and DJI
>BTC is copying DJI movements literally to the T

So crypto has no institutional investors, huh? It's literally run by the fucking boomer jews.

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What was all that hopium yesterday about link. Price hardly moved and there wasn’t any news

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Yes because I love how a multibillion-dollar company can pay $0 in taxes while me and the rest of the middle class can pay nearly a quarter of income to the state and if a nearly 1% is left unpaid the IRS will come to rape me and my wallet in a threesome

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>LARP up some credentials
>run around telling everyone im some meme value investor genius
>take all their money
>go set up shop in some tax haven memecountry like the caymans
>find the mofo who will give me the most ridiculous leverage against these faggots shekels, at the most reasonable rate
>go to SPXU or some other 3x inverse meme ETF
>wait for underlying asset to crash hard
>just start selling naked calls into high IV like ur some sort of fucking lunatic
>everywhere, any expiry, at whatever strike
>who the fuck cares? or are you some sort of faggot?
>oh no we got exercised
>fuck yeah short that shit to some retail scum
>keep doing this
>literally never cover
>instead, write OTM puts all over the place like ur retarded. most will die. some will get exercised and lock in ur gains
>keep doing this
>amass a large amount of the float short, and be most of the options market on one of these 3x inverse meme ETFs
>control the whole thing
>just sit there and run the market, gnawing at their stoplosses the whole way down, as retailers and RHers lose literally everything and self immolate all around you
>keep laughing
>still keep making money exponentially anyways because youre just fading something that will go down and have more money than god so who the fuck cares about margins?
wat am i missing here?
what does expense ratios on 3x inverse meme ETFs mean over longterm on the short side?

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>which would mean we're in for another slight correction of around 20%.
eventually, but not yet

i see a good area for them to fake out retail (many of whom ARE short rn), get them to pile in (push back below 255), then they can squeeze them to get a nice run back up to 270ish, all the while, using this squeeze to sell the rest of their trapped positions and/or build massive short positions for the next huge correction

i know this will happen because retail literally cannot ever be right. the reason is because opposing retail en masse is whats been fueling these dramatic volatile moves this last year when we all get BTFO by large banks and hedgies. theyve been doing this to bully us and make up for the fact that the market underperformed last year. it also lines up perfectly with the theory that the massive popularization of RH last few yeas has been to get someone dumb enough in here so that they can bet in opposition. the volume reflects this too. many retailers went short term and got BTFO by being indecisive with their short term positions. these panic sells/short coverings are WHY its been s much more volatile. theyre just leading us along so they have someone to keep the price stable while they take positions

at last i truly see

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t-thanks I guess

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I can't recall ever saying anything about the broader market, other than the SPXL bet I made yesterday/today

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>Nah they slowed down rate hikes in both the 90s and 2007 in response to yield curves and gave the market a 30% boost both times
good point actually
that would mean that were getting very close tho, which is kinda spoopy

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>Within minutes, someone was spending millions of dollars
yeah, nah

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>Volume (24h): $72M+

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>small-cap biotech companies are bad investments because I don't understand them

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>Coins that are actually worth something

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>We will continue to offer insights on Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) as needed.
>Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV)

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but the more people act on this assumption, the higher the next bottom will be, thus preventing you from taking full advantage of your strategy. it's almost like...

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>screencapped within 13s after having been tweeted

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>Be me, 28 years old
>Still working minimum wage jobs
>Produce at Kroger store
>Halfway fluent in Mandarin Chinese (self taught)
>Need to get into entrepreneurship or some way to not be a wagecuck

Tell me /biz/, how can I use Chinese as a white man to get some sort of leverage? Is there a way I could get some sort of trade deal with Chinese manufacturers to send products to where I am in the US or something of that sort ? Its All so confusing to me

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drowning in debt and lost a key supplier

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