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>Please seek help
>who hurt you?
>i tagged the wrong guy

No seriously, go back

You first faggot

>I'm not reading that.
>noooo don't make fun of me!!

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Millennials are still responsible for the worst culture to exist in a country that has been run by kikes for 200 years

I accelerationist on some issues, but I practice the "drop out and survive" philosophy more personally

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$1 incooming

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Let me get this right. You paid someone to put a TV remote up his arse, and he did, and now you want a refund?

The right thing to do is for you to pay for it by sticking TWO remotes up your arse at the same time. Do this and post your address and I’ll cover your fifty bucks

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Fake, gay AND cringe

The holy trinity of faggotry

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Daniel, Steven can you two lovers please just go get a room already.

Love, Dad

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would it be possible for a bot to scour the internet, and analysing the sentiment.

Is sentiment analysis really that effective?

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Yes sirs please stay in EU, pay 60% tax +24% VAT and pay for mahmoods and muhammads alimony and let them fuck your daughters. Yeah no.

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