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Fair enough.
Good shit, anon. Patience.

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Cheers, friend!

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not much anon, normies found it

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Anyone here ever curious on what drunk anon's favorite drink is? personally mine is vodka .

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hopefully I will have made it by the time the tesla roadster and tesla pickup come out

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poop and peepilled

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>green id

based and stinkpilled

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learn how to read a chart dumbfag its still in an uptrend you fucking retard. let that sink in, basic TA coud of saved your ass, fucking moron

Ps. Youre not welcome back

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then they fight you...

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Fucking disgusting newfags, newlinkers, and nolinkers finally starting to question their idiocy make me sick.

Literally two seconds on google and you’ll find articles about Chainlink in Forbes, MIT Technology Review, reports on CNBC, hours and hours of talks on YouTube... warosu has over a YEAR of serious in depth discussion about everything to do with Chainlink, dissecting every last detail... there are thousands words long Medium and blog posts explaining Chainlink from start to finish...
And you want to be spoonfed a personal reply, tailored just for you? Typed out for you, personally? Um no sweetie. There’s a reason you got zero decent replies and that’s because we refuse to spoonfeed newlinkers who are too lazy to type into google. We spent a year researching this shit every single day and holding even through painful dumps to 20c. And you show up demanding info? Can you see why no one wants to give it to you easy?

You have to have gone through this experience, the months and months of reading and searching and learning, to truly understand, and to get to the point where you know it inside and out and will never sell. If someone types you a few lines, you’ll read them, you may buy some LINK, but you’ll just sell sooner or later for whatever reason because you didn’t really KNOW anything. So it’s pointless to explain it to you anyway

Do not spoonfeed the newlinkers - the ones who make low effort posts demanding tailored research just for their little pathetic low IQ queries. Why not? Well,
1) They don't deserve it.
2) They wouldn't understand anyway.

It's just a waste of time. Seriously. You can type out a personal, bespoke tailored reply for this newlinker/nolinker scum but it will have NO lasting impact as you have to have gone through last year with the true marines to fully understand the project and its implications and potential. SO DONT BOTHER!!!!!!

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I don’t think this particular wallet belongs to Binance because if you look at their other activity, you can see they’ve also interacted with Kucoin and Kyber and another exchange else called liqui_io1. Seems unlikely that an official Binance wallet would be making deposits from Kucoin and sending ETH to Kyber, no?

Hey frens!

I appreciate the sentiment, truly, but that won’t be necessary. Looking forward to the yacht party though.

Binance is the second biggest Chainlink holder after Sergey. It’s astounding, the number #2 wallet is a binance wallet and they have multiple other wallets with over 400,000 LINK in the top 100. See their biggest wallet here: https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0x4e9ce36e442e55ecd9025b9a6e0d88485d628a67
Also, out of all the tokens they hold, Chainlink is one of the tokens they hold the most of. I think top 5. Can’t remember where I saw this - if anyone has source please post it.
At first I didn’t think much to the idea that Binance and Coinbase would run chainlink nodes, but this fiat pairing news, and the facts stated above, is making me reconsider. I bet there would be a huge market for their data as well.

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Depends on how soon they pull. They pull at least twice every time. They make sure things haven’t changed at funding and pull again. Credit bureaus know this so they don’t penalise if pulled within a relatively short timeline. Unless you default on debt in process you’ll be okay.

Probably. Good think I have 200k link to make sure i won’t care when that day comes.

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And still he found it surprising, that of all the gin and juice, old Mister Huckleberry and the jets on a candle with none of the disarming naïveté that he had come to expect. Still, he thought, at some point it was more or less expected that they would marry, which he accepted without a second thought. And yet, as the eve of her sixteenth birthday sidled crocodile, it was with both a preponderance and faint sense of unease that CHAINLINK no approaches had been made by his SERGEY which were matrimonial in nature

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Chainlink being listed on Coinbase is bad!!!

This is just providing more liquidity that will DUMP on you. Do you want to get DUMPED on?!!!!

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I hear you crypto NEETs talk about him a lot, but I can't find any details. Which project is he involved in? Should I buy?

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thats cool fren but we know that we need this kind free speech. when is this token going to be avaible? im a burger so i cant do icos how screwed am i? Also if you say chainlink is higher risk why are you in it besides your friends thinking its cool?

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You realize that this thing will dump hard until sometime in 2019?

Ive already sold my bags, get out now or get poor

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Now that the hype has settled a bit, its time to buy back in

based swinglinkers know this

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