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None of you ACTUALLY bought a PS5 for $11,200 (and counting), d-did you?

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Lil’ fun fact:

ETH was worth your birth year for the first time ever today :)

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it could be x100 or total shit
nothing inbetween

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tell us nigger

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Shit im poor, can someone donate to me instead of dumb whores on onlyfans

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Just do it its like...like next rubic bro lmao

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Wtf is wrong with this board?
>pumps 10%
>OMG OMG x1000 EOY
>dumps 2%
>pink wojaks
are you all retarded adhd ridden faggots?

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>How do rich fags cope with the daily stress?
They do drugs

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wtf is this next yfdai?

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Why is noone ever talking about this shitcoin

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I get to work a few minutes early (gotta go fast, amirite?) clock in and begin working my usual route. about 2 hours later over the intercom I hear "FriendKiller96 PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE, FriendKiller96, PLEASE COME TO THE WAREHOUSE OFFICE. Thank you :) " So I ride my pallet jack to the office and see the big big BIG boss man looking at me through the window. "Oh boy, I'm getting fired today... Cool now I can finally have my social life back and do what 20 year olds are supposed to be doing and not working 55 hours a week"

I open the door and he tells me to sit in a little room. I sit down, he walks in and closes the door behind him.

Boss: "You aren't in trouble, relax"

Me: "Okay, then what's up?"

At this point he is sitting in front of me behind his desk

Boss: "There really isn't an easy way to say this..."

Boss: "Well, we've been getting some complaints about your.. Uhh.. Body odor"

Me: "That's funny.. You're funny"

Boss: "I'm being serious"

Me: "Oh, then you aren't funny... Seriously? My Body odor?"

Basically we have a conversation like that for a bit... I'm super embarrassed, red-faced, annoyed, and just feel super insulted. I ask him how many people complained and he said three... THREE PEOPLE IN A 2 HOUR SPAN.. Fucking....

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abu left?

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Do you literally ask "would you like to be my girlfriend"?

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>working his ass off
>on a major family holiday
>for no compensation whatsoever
How do I long the janny industry? Not so much /biz/ jannies but on a certain other board.

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Why didn’t you just use Quizlet/Chegg?

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Cause I’m horny as shit and real women don’t seem to want anything to do with me. If my eyes can fool me then fuck it. As long as I don’t have to do anything with the d*ck.

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