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25$ but my girlfren took it from me
I’m not alive do to have money I’m ok whit it now
I got use to it
She says she knows best so I listen

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Should I kill myself? Im less than 10 years away from being one of those middle-aged losers who still lives at home single and alone. I feel so bad that I let my parents down

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I'm so fucking horny and lonely

and I'm all in on ghost where my ghosties

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How do you cure depression?

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Sleep well fren

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Am I too late again frens

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How do I quit this board?

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im scared. are we still going to make it?

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Kek, sad truth is it's most likely what he think and the main reason he don't want his gold at home. Even as a kid i never stole a penny from my parents' wallet, it kinda hurt my feefees like lack of trust. Imagine your father prefer to trust a bankster kike over his own heir. wtf is wrong with boomtards seriously?,

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>and several of those points are things I've seen discussed in the past.
Yeah, by me, and most of the time it's just monologues with myself and sometimes i get a (you) out of pity. feelsbadfren

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Tfw i will never have a wife with huuugggeee milkers

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my mom has coronavirus I’m fucking scared what if it isn’t just a cold she is the only person I love I don’t want her to die

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>get called pajeet because you talk about a coin you like
>confused for a street shitting chimp
why do you have to hurt my feelings like that biz

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It's over

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and here I am with no gf

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I was hoping this one would be different

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I bought 90 Litecoins with money that I don't have from my bank. I meant to buy it with money on my Coinbase account
Is it over for me? I have nothing in my bank account and I will get overdrafted??? Is it over?

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I'm laying in bed afraid to look at my portfolio. It hurts frens

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i fapped twice today even though im trying to stop.

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No I just had a gut feeling when the markets started pumping hard this week. I knew it was gonna dip but I was conflicted with my already deepening losses. I’m going to go outside and intentionally catch the coronavirus now. Hopefully it kills me.

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how the fuck do i run the node it says that it finds no peers, please help frens

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Make me feel better about buying PNK and UBT

also got some inkies

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