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holy kek I just entered this thread and I am already hard as a rock. cannot wait to see op kill himself another filthy nolinker bites the dust F

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Blockchain technology is going to fundamentally change all industries. We're just early. Buy ChainLink.

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chink money incoming are you serious?

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Thanks to Chainlink, my biggest worry in life is now to find a gf and have sex. Its been good bros.

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>5$ EOW
>20$ EOQ Sept.
>100$ EOY
>1000$ EOY is FUD

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>knows more about chainlink than anyone on the board
>only one the thread moaning about being left out

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I have:

>80000 LINK
>1.5 BTC
>20 ETH
>100 XMR

Y'all think I should convert some of my LINK into more BTC? Looking more and more likely that we're going to see a complete loss of faith in fiat / traditional assets soon and if so, BTC is going to go on one of those runs that leaves alts in its dust, like during the ETF hype in summer 2018. I'd always intended to peel off bits of my LINK stack as it rises in sats and put them in BTC (this is why I even have 1.5 corns in the first place), but I'm thinking maybe I need to accelerate that plan now. Seems like we'll see $20K bitcoin again long before we see $5.00 LINK again.

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Imagine if you bought link two years ago.

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>barely have 50k link

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there once was a fag named OP
who fudded the linkers with glee
he sold at the bottom
because the jews got em
now he posts like a pajeet for free

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Some faggot keeps dusting my wallet. First it was Amber, then Scatter, now it's cUSD. Is it because I'm a based top 100 LINK wallet? Can they fuck off?

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that's a pretty big mad you got there bro

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Because link shills are hundreds of percent up in their investment that they are completely confident in, while fudders are frantic because they missed out.

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Not if you bought for $0.18 in November 2017, sold the July top and doubled what was already a 20x for a whopping 40x during a bear market like I did. I turned $3,600 into $140,000. Later hodlcucks

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How could you be being justed in crypto?

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Stay mad stinker.

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