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Absolutely seething

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What happened to 1000EOY?

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bullish as fuck

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Sorry you missed out anon. There will be other opportunities in the future.

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The cope KEK

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you poor niggers have been saying that for years since LINK was $1 and that’s why you will always be poor. not only are you a drooling mouth breather on welfare but you actually think you know what you’re talking about. sad.

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Oh wow, look at that. It's a 150 million dollar imac. Good job anon

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5 months ago BTC was nearly $12000. today it is $10,700. just because LINK has been pumping like crazy for years doesn’t mean crypto as a whole is in a bull market newfags.

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oh ya keep going. seething nolinker tears taste so good.

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I mean this market bubble graph doesn’t apply to LINK or any single asset. crypto as a whole went through capitulation in january 2018 and is now approaching the next bull run. I’m just saying if this retarded graph were applied to the current LINK chart we would be in capitulation. but again, it doesn’t. keep seething though.

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buy. the. dip.

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you had three (3) ducking years man stop coping

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also: literally a LINK meme reused by uncreative BNT pajeets

original image pic related

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salty nolinkers are hilarious. even newfags who bought one month ago are still up 50% and OG marines like myself already made it. keep seething from mommy’s basement though.

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there is nothing I love more than seeing broke priced out polfags seethe as based Ari takes us to the promised land. I’m unironically getting rich as fuck because of this man and you’re still an inbred loser living in his moms basement in alabama. may I offer you some rope?

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>salty nolinkers spamming the chat with nigger and jacking off
>price still climbing
>just passed $15
life must be so painful for you faggots. please consider the rope.

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it’s literally double what it was last month in july but keep coping shitcoiners

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