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Lol shut up Hank, we all know you banned us from the Unipower discord. Fuck off hope you rot in hell.

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Hello metal hoarders

Somebody here smart who knows a little about manufacturing coins?
I'd like to know the cost and logistics involved in minting your own coin.
I have no idea where you would get the ore and how feasible it would be from a business perspective.
I reckon the easiest solution would be to contract a minting company to stamp your design but I guess it's less profitable than investing into your own machines and selling your product for your own profit.
For this to work I imagine you would have to have a rough estimate of the volume you can sell, which would influence the price per coin. Let's say 50k is a safe bet for an initial release. Is that doable? I dont know anything about this.

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pain bcuz americans will dump this shitcoin coming september

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Is this place reputable?

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