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>suck 4 dicks till they cum
I'd do this for free

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I sold so im comfy. Waiting for more cheapies

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Yummy cheapies in my belly

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It crabs or dumps
It pumps

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Asked my sister to see if she has any friends at work she can introduce to me, she says the 20 yos are too young and keeps trying to hook me up with 30-35yos...

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Whats next?
Your trades right now?

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PoR is much more resistant to 51% attacks and other forms of centralization. It's like rolling the dice, except with much higher stakes

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It's SWIFT data. It'd probably be more than 4.5% if one were to include non-SWIFT means.

SWIFT annually facilitates ~$150 trillion in transactions per year. CIPS annual transaction volume is ~$14 trillion. Although, these are the volumes of all types of transactions. CIPS does not seem to make detailed data public, which is not surprising considering how it is likely extensively used for sanctions evasion.

The interesting part isn't the value as much as the trend

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Just DCA while you still can. ETH, FLUX, GRT, and UTK are solid gems you can start slurping up at the moment. Miss them at this price and have fun staying poor.

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NGMI, I'm gobbling up FET and QANX right now because of their sick-ass USPs on AI and quantum-resistant blockchain tech. You might think I'm a total retard, but you'll be the one bawling your eyes out in a few years when these bad boys take over the market. Screenshot this shit, so you remember who told you first

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My crypto friend is sending my pics of his crypto portfolio again

Last time he did this was at the top in 2021

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So frens. I need to change the title of the post to Altseason is Here.

Have a nice life!

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I'm trying to convince my dad to let go of his 4wd to cut costs but he is stubbornly refusing and willing to pay out the ass for it and going into CC debt on top of the car financing at the expense of paying the mortgage like wtf.

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but have enough money to travel the world?

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I feel insane fomo, fomo i haven’t felt since bitcoin was 60k and everyone said 100k was soon

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4 months of only up

When’s the correction happening? Or are we just gona go up from here until the bullrun

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Once there was a man, oh so bold, Who owned 4.35 Bitcoin, or so we're told, He thought to himself, "I'll trade my way, To five whole Bitcoin, in just one day!"

With visions of riches, he traded with glee, But little did he know, a bear market rally, Was just around the bend, waiting to strike, And before he knew it, he was in a plight.

His Bitcoin holdings began to dwindle, His trading strategy, no longer a spindle, The bear market rally, it had begun, And the man's Bitcoin, it started to run.

Down, down, down, the price did fall, And soon enough, he lost it all, His 4.35 Bitcoin, now just a dream, And all that remained, was 2.22 it would seem.

So let this be a warning, to all who trade, Don't get too greedy, or you'll be played, By the market's twists and turns, up and down, And you'll end up like this guy, with a big frown.

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Hold 3 btc


Hold 1,000,000 dogecoin

For next bull run

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>the global political, powerful and untouchable elites who own everything are going to let bitcoin early adopter shut in autists become the richest people in the world

(This is what Chuds actually believe)

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I post frogs

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My ledger nano s arrived today

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I'm happy that Elon is pumping DOGE at this current moment, just as this lawsuit is set to conclude. He is truly sinister.

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They will ban BTC when they are done milking taxes from it and see more systemic risk than advantage from allowing exchanges to keep milking said taxes.

>they can't bank the network

So what, they can ban CEXes which is where 99.999% of liquidity is at, specifically western ones.

>it will be valuable outside of the US and EU

It's already banned in communist shitholes China and Russia, so what you have left? exactly nothing.

>inb4 el Tardador and other 3rd world shitholes

The government can make any security or investment worthless.

Just look at gamestop. They restricted trading and now it's down 75%. There is nothing you can do to counteract this

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