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If there's one thing I want to accomplish in life is to encourage more ethnicities and women to enter STEM, yeah, promote more diversity. Here's the thing, the way I see diversity being enforced now, it's not organic. It's "Come into X field because we need more ____!". And you know if you go to engineering school with that kind of mindset, that flimsy kind of motivation, you won't make it. Engineering is much too difficult and too stressful to allow people who are weak minded or indecisive to survive. You have to want to be an engineer for yourself else you'll fail out.

So when new breakthrough technologies are in their infancy states, groups of "diversity" will completely ignore this because of the lack of genuine interest until it takes off and then they are left wondering "Why aren't there more ____?". You see this going on right now at blockchain conferences, like in the past couple of [redacted] presentations where it's mostly white folks in the audience. This is proof of the clear failure of the current method of diversity right now and it'll be spun by the media to take shots against the white man when it undermines the whole point of how distributed ledger tech lessens the ratio between a single person to a large entity more than ever before, giving power back to the people.

This is one of the reasons why I want to create children's books or come up with my own cartoon to expose kids to tech and to be curious and to think to themselves "I want this and can get this for myself". The diversity pull comes from telling this story from my own experiences living in the Caribbean. I think the biggest issue I will have is fighting against culture because you're fighting a losing battle trying to showcase something positive but not having a culture to create an environment to continually support it. And it will only get worse with the incoming income disparity and collapse of industries due to tech.

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Rich people don't blow their money on frivolous things, that's what poor people do. They blow their money on things that make them money. Then they blow the money that their money MADE FOR THEM on frivolous things.

In other words, the poor spend their money on what they want. The rich spend their money's money on what they want, not their own.

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I got in contact with my old advisor to see if he knew about it since he runs a company that should be on the platform. We'll see if he bites and hops on board.

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ENXP and all in on Link. Looking forward to see what you guys do with the money when you get the keys to lambo land. I'm already brainstorming ideas, starting an animation company, going into research, making hentai games, setting up some apartments and dabbling with real estate to set my family up.

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Oh look, a blackie who thinks he's better than the rest of us blackies. BLM dolts keep thinking it's the WHITE MAN that keeps the black man down. But let's be real here, the biggest threat to a black man is another black man and your holier than thou mindset is part of the problem.


> **Above can be applied to Arabs and Hispanics as well

MY MAN. I once said that black people don't listen to metal music. God bless my ignorant racist self as I got schooled that night with this beautiful gem.


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>3. BTC and BCH will cease to exist, they will be future shitcoins
>4. Ethereum will become the next major blockchain

I have no understanding of the current Hash war but even I could have told you this. Ethereum has utility value AND serves as a currency. And Smartcontracts are bound to take off once Chainlink comes in gear. What role does the bitcoin play in this future?

And why would Wright be on the team of Satoshi Nakamoto is he's such a showboater? Why bother with a pseudoname in the first place?

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Bros, here's a simple idea, get your folks involved in investing with you. I got into investing cause my pops told me to teach him to invest (whatever pops says I do). So I told him about ChainLink and he just gave me money for it. So with our combined purchases, we hit 10K. He obviously doesn't give 2 shits about how any of this works and trusts me and of course, the money is to set him up with retirement and he wouldn't care what I do with it when he's set. So it works. Why not try it on your end?

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I use Atomic Wallet and I do this. It's pretty easy once you learn how to memorize stuff.


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