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I'm curious about your input on this thread:

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On more pressing matters, now I've slept (lol thread still up) I'm curious what you think of the Great Wealth Transfer theory?


I had my eyes opened to the invisible hand by a based poly-sci teacher during sept-11 2001, as the class watched buildings fall and he started mapping political relationships on the board to show how every single person the media mentioned that day was intimately related to one another. He called, within an hour of seeing the news, what the next 10 years would look like, and didn't miss a beat. (Although his contribution is anonymous, you've seen it posted on here a few hundred times.)

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You're right. Good beer is a solution xD

The life changes you undergo when you let go of ego are commonly profound, but seldom unexpected. The impact is almost universally unexpected - people come out of a trip like "eh that wasn't like a rollercoaster or anything, what's the big deal?" But then 2 weeks later are all "I SEE THE LIGHT"

Basically you lose the ability to lie to yourself, while at the same time experiencing a greater willingness to connect and empathize with the world around you. You hear people say things like "you become one with the universe," which is spiritual-person talk for "you have a shitload of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine all at the same time, while simultaneously experiencing synesthesia."

The synesthetic aspect will be profound for you, because you're already well attuned to your sense of cognition. When your visual cortex is able to connect directly to your auditory processes and vice versa, you may be better able than most people to enjoy watching music or listening to the ASMR of bouncing tits. It's a good thing to practice - it helps a lot to be able to think about things with physically more of your brain.

In terms of dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Shrooms and MDMA are used in a clinical setting because you will be intensely suggestible in this state. You will *not* experience anxiety while approaching emotionally difficult subjects, and will instead be able to process them more fully. This opens the opportunity to really dig into a subject instead of reflexively avoiding it. It'll be the best therapy session of your life.

But seriously, if everything is basically good and you're just looking to connect with yourself... some pretty lights, lube, and a female shaman who'll suck you off... or at least one you don't mind laughing at your wanks. Just enjoy it ;P

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>you need to justify the idea of colonizing space and why it would offer something better than Earth.
For fun.

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two words op
quantum microtubules
im not going to hold your hand through this, you have to figure out on your own what im talking about and what role it plays in the brain. you wouldnt believe me if i told you

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