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Only ever believe what you see, and leave a scam on the shelf. Chainlink is that scam. A $0.30 token connected to all of these industry titans, worth less than pajeetcoin, steem, and other no name crypto projects. $1 is a fantasy

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mad that I derailed this thread with some good ol fashioned reality? you're betting on link actually coming through with execution and companies actually using SC.com, trusting billions to a guy who hasn't done shit since this thing ico'd

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Won't get to $1, maybe $0.43

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You'll never get there

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Anything other than the big 2 is a waste of money and time. Sell your alts or forever bleed from your anus

And of course, Chainlink $0.01 EOY

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>BTC under LINK

I mean, I am worth 8 figures partially thanks to them. Now, I'd recommend equities and looking outside of crypto which is a broken asset class

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Is this because Chase just revamped theirs? Hmm, may need to open a couple more brokerage accounts

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Heard about Adelyn, the ghost marketing director, that she is already considering an exit plan from SmartContract. Evidently she's not pleased with your memes biz. You guys are affecting a project and I couldn't be more thrilled, keep ruining the reputation of your precious project. Now, back to the vintage Dom Perignon I opened to celebrate getting under $0.26

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Evidently she loathes the community that has the biggest public connection to the project. I don't think she realized til after the hire that it was the way it was. Look for this project to end up looking like Tesla publicly with folks leaving left and right.

Also hearing that Ellis is burning out, and Dmitri is not pleased with progress. This project is a dumpster fire which is why they have nothing to show a year after ico. Reminder, the top 50 wallets, are all the team's or exchange stacks. No one outside of biz is investing their own money in this crap

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Wealthy from being hired by a company that actually has a future? Sure. Not from SC.com, and its lazy CEO that has hid from the ico investors for over a year now. You guys are so fucking stupid to invest in this. $1000 EOY market cap

>t. chainlink bagholder

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>t. chainlink bagholder

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Oh I'm sorry, are we back to SIBOS prices yet? No? Not even close? Ok back to tearing you guys a new one

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Never, sell before $0.01

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Are you the Joker, burning a pile of money? You're proud of this? The point is to make money anon

Assblaster was loved around these parts for inflating your imaginations with dreams of McLarens and Mansions, and instead LINK has got you all eating Top Ramen and taking the bus. kek, it's your money to lose

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I heard accumulation season was almost over in March, May, and July. The delusion

Anon I... why would a nobody token moon when the product is vaporware? Adelyn could tweet that Chainlink cures aging and the price wouldn't budge

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Ok since you asked nicely, gathering some things now

What's going to happen, $2 EOY?

>t. bagholder

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looking for my centurion but i'll post some shit lying around to start off

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False, certain years are elite. What piss water do you favor?

What year have you had? Let me guess, you prefer something that's probably from the same Champagne house

ETH actually allowed me to live a life like this, Linkies drinking their Cook's Champagne hoping it gets to $2 kek

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>t. bought at $1.20

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Yes, and ANS/XMR

No oldfag buys LINK

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Nice try, bitches

LINK $0.01 EOY

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Very creative fairy tales, Linkies

Wake me when the price passes one US dollar

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Ironically true, but without the headlines. I know him and his team, they are crooks. $32 million for Theranos level product, as in, nothing works and it won't work. It's just a meme headline concept

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Correction, they did not extend an invitation. Evidently the team went for any event they could find, to soften the public image of being snubbed

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