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I cant wait until my 21 days are up.
Piece of shit coin, every time there is the tiniest amount of volume it gets dragged down.
Thats the last time i fall for the staking meme.

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Quiz time!

Only who bought 1 ETH worth of SEED tokens can participate in Quiz!
Limited to 5 winners!

Rewards: 10 SEED

What is Ricemillswap?

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Ricemillswap is a food-themed decentralized finance project,It is a cryptocurrency platform for instant exchange under the Ethereum Network.

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Presale is live!

1 ETH = 100 SEED
0.1 ETH = 10 SEED

Uniswap listing
1 ETH = 75 SEED

Send eth here

Join telegram @ricemillswap

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Ricemillswap adalah proyek bertema pangan dalam keuangan terdesentralisasi. Ini adalah platform cryptocurrency untuk pertukaran instan di bawah jaringan Ethereum

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Follow our official twitter


>Good presale

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So it looks like the new pfizer vaccine must be stored at -70C. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8931939/Pfizers-Covid-vaccine-stored-MINUS-70C-special-suitcases.html
Very few hospitals have this type of freezers.
Any ideas what companies might get some good contracts with hospitals?

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its so unstable at normal temperature it is rendered useless if kept at norm temperature. imagine injecting something so unstable into your body lmao.

imagine injecting unstable chemcials into your body 2 times a year for a flu


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Industrial pricing liquid nitrogen is about the same as milk. It's fucking cheap to liquify (pro tip, air is 80% nitrogen).

Liquid nitrogen is -200C. It is fucking moronic to claim keeping vaccines cryogenic is going to be a problem. Liquid nitrogen in properly insulated containers lasts for weeks.

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A foam cooler and dry ice can achieve -70C easily.

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>vaccines pointless for covid19 for another year.
well there’s covid21 coming anyway

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its over...

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>funds are not safu

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What the fuck is going on??

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Redpill me on this shit, was about to buy something on UNI and transfer CEX>metamask. What is happening will my funds be not safu? or dissapear?

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irs took down infura and have all records.
turns out eth is totally centralized and all trades and activity clears thru a single entity.
oh well, you had 10 years.

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So why would anyone buy BLZ and no demand for BLZ

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Wasn’t mainframe also working on the same industry.

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mainframe ded long time ago

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True.. Bluzelle project already mrkt leader in this space now

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Not to mention you can 3x margin Bluzelle. No brainer. Lowest cap I have ever seen Binance allow for margin. Put down a fat stack at 500 sats and doubled down when it dipped to 350. Liquidation price is so low that it will never happen from these levels and you increase buying power buy 3,.. just put in $1000 on 3x and you will literally have $10,000 by next summer. Pay off the $2000 debt and pocket $5000. Let the other $3000 ride out. You deserve to be poor if you miss this or 0chain at these levels

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okay sirs

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Haircomb token is a scam, using a wallet with a keylogger.

"Dev" getting called out for keylogger in the wallet and creating a fake dev persona.


These scamming faggots have been spamming this board for at least one year

https://yuki.la/biz/16084218 - yuki.la 4chan archive

https://yuki.la/search.html?boards=biz&startdate=2008-02-02&enddate=2020-11-02&sort=ascending&postext=HAIRCOMB#page=1 - More proof of spamming, literally none stop.

They want you to send bitcoin to their address and "hope" you get haircomb back.

They claim it is open source but their github is already compiled, they are hoping low IQ bizlets don't bother checking anything out, send them some btc and download the wallet so they can keylog your metamask or whatever the fuck they normally do

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i cant bear it anymore
how many posts there are on the first page? 5? 10?

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this is only the beginning sirs

getting pink pilled gonna hurt badly but once it's over it feels much better

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tf r u saying fuck off

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One day about two or three years ago
We is browsin' /biz/
Kickin' kikes, and swattin' pajeets,
And discussin' the shitcoin of the month
When right out in front of the /SMG/
Come a big ol' Blue school bus
Had astrological signs upon it
And thirty-five linkies and Nico's inside
About half of 'em went for the courthouse lawn
And them Nico's commenced on the fireplug
Rest of 'em set there starin' at us
And I says, "Craig, go get your Flit gun"
He says, "Which is the Linkies? And which is the Nico's?"
I says, "Beats the hell outta me, Craig."
What they was, was a bunch a' them Stinky Linkers
And their leader was a Russian scammer
He says, "Bogdanoff, we has arrived.
"Prepare to disembark, marines.
"Get the memes goin' and the fud out
"We gonna camp on the /biz/ board, marines."
I says, "Boys, let me explain the situation to ya.
"A: you're gettin' me down
"And B: we got us a anime law here
"And C: you on the wrong board.
"You drop one string a' links in that there board
"And you gonna see a whole lotta stars.
"You got fifteen seconds to get out of town, linkers,
"Or we gonna blow ya ta reddit."
Well, they all got back in the blue bus
And proceeded to the board limits.
Then the telephone rang, was the Shittin' street
Says a mess a' wild Linkers was in it!
So we all got in the Craig's Plymouth
(Which is always at the bitmex station)
Went flashin' on down to the shittin' street
To give them Linkers a citation
By the time we arrived, it was too damn late
Them Linkers is all had their pants down
Them Nico's was stompin' the Linkers balls,
And they's after the goldies on the /pmg/ pond!
I says, "Craig, you get the one in the Anime T-shirt
"And I'll get the rest with a net.
"We gonna have a jail full a' naked Stinky Linkers
"And a drip-dry Russian scammer."
Well, we gave 'em hell, but we lost the war
'Cause them Linkers
outnumbered us

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So they moved in and set up camp
And they lived in that Blue school bus
Six weeks later, there was nothin' in town
But eighty-four Nico's and a head shop
Sellin' dried up Links, and Link pools,
And astrological postcards
Yeah, Linkers
took over the /biz/ board
And the Nico's all barked their brains out
And the whole damn town was Stinky Linkers
And the Moderator was a Russian Scammer

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Stable growth, dapp is releasing early Fridays.

A few surprise large to medium-sized podcasters have been announced to host on the platform.

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Alex Jones confirmed?

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I wish, that would be massive growth. We don't know who it is.

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For me, it's the McChicken

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this always annoyed me because there is no such thing as "mcchicken sauce", it's mcnugget sauce

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just bought more MCD stock. thanks for basically giving me your money

>> No.23859796

>giving money to mcdonalds

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5 guys is a fucking meme, last time I went I spent 20 well earned euros for an average burger, a milkshake and too much fries

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Join US:


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So I got in on the Doge gravy train when in launched in 2013.

If I remeber correctly, they gave away 1mil DOGE if you downloaded the core app.... or a paid a buck and got it. Can't remeber. Either way I ended up with 1m DOGE.

I gave a bit away back in the day but recently found my old .dat file and with 900,000 DOGE in it. About 2500USD as of today. Not a bad find to say I either spent a couple of bucks or nothing at all back in 2013.

Here's the million dollar question.... long term, will it rise. Easy question right? Wiki(ped0)ia say that some peeps on the Tok are trying to get it $1.
Ha! Wouldn't that'd be nice.
Anyway. What are your thoughts about DOGE long term???

PS: Willing to sell my .dat for $500k to srs investors only.

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I had around 50$ worth of DOGE that I exchanged to BTC yesterday
it's a meme coin imo and always will be

>> No.23857783

There are just too many of them to reach a dollar. Current volume of Doge is 116,488,360,531. If it were to go to $1, Doge would have over 50% of the entire market cap of crypto. It would have a higher market cap than Bitcoin. Doge can definitely go up, but at a current value of $0.0027, a massive increase up to $0.005 would be newsworthy.

>> No.23857834

FYI on the "tok" happened in august and it was a bad shill imho

>> No.23858201

Would deff wait a bit, doge is known to pump before all allt coins, 1$ is not happening but deff double or tripple worth of wat it now is

>> No.23859252

>PS: Willing to sell my .dat for $500k to srs investors only.
....oh just wait then renDOGE is out and you can use ETH as layer 2 to earn interest on dogecoin.

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Is the augur market working?

>> No.23857422

it is not kek
i wish it would because i got cucked hard on it, oh well. on to the kleros courts to get my way

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Ramp is now focusing on Liquidity Mining along with partnerships.

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The fact that there is no pre-unlock dump signals to me we will see a nice pump. This is the only thing I'm actively flipping now since Ethereum is mooning.

>> No.23857535

because i like mining sft instead?

>> No.23857604

OK pajeet.

>> No.23858504

mfs still not into ramp lol. Some people are actually fucking stoopid

>> No.23858576

People doubting this? how?? They managed to pull off partnerships with Tomo and Injective. lmao they will regret for sure

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>>289810391 (OP) # /pol/ post

He will not lose,
He will win, then step down from the presidency, disarming the left's vengeance, and start up a media concern filling in the hole left by Fox's betrayal of the past week.

Do you really think Mike Pence is just on a vacation right now? He's being protected because, right now, he is the most important person alive. That is because Mike Pence is the 46th president of the United States of America and the leader of the free world.

Remember what Bannon said about being able to do more outside the White House than from within?

Trump has set all his trustees in the right places this past week, the next four years will go swimmingly, because he will run a new media concern that counters the fake knowledge produced by the status quo.

Screencap this for fun.

odds of Pence becoming the next president are still 1 to a 1000 btw, just so you know.

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Dead link, what's your logic behind this? Is this some faggot Q LARP?

>> No.23857458

Meds. Take them.

>> No.23857486

>/pol/ post

Stopped reading there.

Take your meds

>> No.23857574

I don’t know I just saw the post and copy and pasted. I mean might be worth it

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It's a National Day today so no working from home for me.

But tommorow, tommorwow, ah another day working from home doing absolutely nothing.

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Ziomeg odjebao ci

>> No.23857332

>Veterans day
ah okay

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I'm working for a government institution that's inexplicably still open on Veteran's Day. What's the point of being a government worker if you don't get a holiday every other week?

>> No.23857403

I'm a neet so every day is a national veterans celebrations day where I just stay home and celebrate the sacrifices of the braves wagies who go to work so I don't have to

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Based, same here.

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File: 1.22 MB, 1880x1055, C4CB1110-356F-4A68-ABD4-76053EC9B8BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Wait until 26 point bobo

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>> No.23858923


>> No.23858945

Yep, after the drop from 1M to 200k
>told you it was a bubble
>tulips btw

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my bags are packed bobo, are yours?

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Aragon paused their ANJ/ANT bonding curve. They also withdrew their ANJ liquidity from Uniswap. This has locked ANJ holders into a position where their funds can not be withdrawn unless they are willing to lose huge chunks of it from Uniswap's price impact due to low liquidity.

>> No.23857299

in on subtle Kleros thread.

>> No.23857350

checked, confirmed aragon court bending knee to kleros court

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File: 2.54 MB, 2000x1000, 1597608004906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they should be taken to kleros court!

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Hi there! I joined this subreddit today. What is a blockchain?

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Gilbert is typing

gtfi the main tg right now to see what he has to say

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>Guys we're totally working on huge partnerships with major banks this time it's happening for real
How do you know it’s not real? Because it’s not published on muh Medium as an announcement ?

>> No.23857969


Gilbert is absent for months

Gilbert appears, 20 mins, for the first time since August

get fucked

>> No.23858015

The best part was when he got scammed on telegram by broken English pajeets before he left. Lol very smart guy

>> No.23858028

I don't know what he s saying but I know how he'll end.

"ok that's it, got to go now, have a meeting with the Federal Reserve, 4 banks and 5 Multinationals".

>> No.23859078

Gilbert confirmed they meet MIT and Intel weekly to progress the Open Digital Asset Protocol work.

Also confirmed they are working on enhancing all crypto tokens so they conform to an ISO standard for interoperability.

Kek, the mad lad did it again.

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