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The first 1/3 of the year has shown over 50% growth for BTC.
What is the prediction for tge next third (May - Augustus).

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66% fall

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Why do Asians rock the bowl cut so hard?

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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They lack self awareness

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'NAM !!

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>get a job offer including $250 monthly gas allowance
>I drive an electric car

post some ways you cheated the system /biz/

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Gas tax motherfucker! Fuck nuggets in your electric rice racers are making us doomers flip the bill by paying higher gas tax. Sounds like trickle down nigganomics.

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> tell rich parents I study engineering in Berkeley
> actually do absolutely fucking nothing
> get 3k$ free gibs from rich parents

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I get to fill out my own time card via a notes app and I always put I don't take a lunch despite taking a hour one everyday hehe

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>fake being jewish
>go to local rabbi
>show faked documents for proof that I'm jewish
>get free trip to Israel

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This is /biz/ in a nutshell

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/biz/ is dead

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I'm still here fren

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just you and me anon

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so am i anyways

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It has been dead for months, I'm starting to realize that's part of the charm here.

It's 24 months of bullshit pajeet spam and idiots arguing about shitcoins until the next bullrun, then you get ~5 months of excitement and fresh new memes.

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And here's who killed it.

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He isn't in yet anon... make it moon <:'-)

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Implying we trust a roastie..

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Fucking hell they got spelling mistakes, in the first paragraph. Keked. Clear scam

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2k suicide stack is all I got

Sorry to arkies but it's still down 95 percent when the rest of the market is recovering

Arkies will probably not make it, sadly. I loved this project

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what the fuck are you talking about, you know they take a no hype policy until they have a working product....in a market that is based on dumb hype and no substance

push button is coming out soon and v2.3 has just been released...its nearly a full working product

THEN we will make it.

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Hi biz,
Im.almost 30.
I have about 650,000-700,000 with a home worth about 280,000.

I have UK citizenship and USA citizenship.

I don't want to see or speak to my family for the rest of my life (family is in California).

Where should I move too?

I have no skills except stocks and real estate.

I was thinking UK, Spain, Latvia, Colombia, Ukraine, or Thailand.

Somewhere I can live one 25,000 -35,000 a year.

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Go try out Eastern Europe and see if you like it there. I’ve heard good things about Estonia and places like that. Or maybe a pacific island somewhere, you could be pretty isolated probably. Drugs are legal in Jamaica I think if that’s your thing

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There you go op. Actually look into it.

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Dude just get pure CBD powder with that much money you can afford it, move to New Caledonia

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Just kys faggot

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Turkey. Warm weather and tight virgins.

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> Assuming that each wallet is owned by only 1 person, only 724,846 people in the ENTIRE WORLD own 1 BTC or more.
>tfw you are already part of the future elite if you have at least 1 BTC.
Y-you do have at least 1 Bitcoin, don't you Anon?

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Look you fucking idiot majority of people have multiple BTC worth of alts but consider it as owning BTC also since we trade in BTC pairs to acquire more BTC

Holy fuck you're an idiot

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> 1 BTC
> Patrician investment
> Congrats you made it.

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Imagine holding/buying bitcoin in 2019

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>this level of poorfag cope

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I have 1 BTC's worth of an altcoin

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millionaire here. ama

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post portfolio

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You are a loser.

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Congratulations you are a millionaire. Now get to work on longevity then immortality. Oh wait you use drugs? Lol

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post a time stamp pic with your car.
otherwise you are a poorfag until then.

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i pity your naiveness

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What's good to buy in 2019 for great effort in making income? please do the needful and share

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Nano my dear.

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FXC, FTM, [redacted] before may

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dear sir what symbol for [redacted] i tried serach coinmakretcap for but only come up shitcoin

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Yes sir is STHC buy, many gains ahead

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unironically ark

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Any crypto bot fags on biz? I've been testing out different strategies (cross over, MacD, RSI) and I'm overall getting killed on fees w/ Binance. BTC pairs seem to have the best results, and I'll change the pair based on the volatility of certain coins at the moment.

I'm looking at testing out a support resistance strategy, but it's hard to determine when it's actually support or when it breaks. Anyone have any strategies that worked for them and what time frame?

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When i saw the board talking a few days ago I thought it was just bs, but as far as high risk high reward coins atm this looks pretty good as a small percentage hodl. What do you think anons.

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Looks good but 1 million token airdrop on the 27th, so wait a few days and scoop up some in the dump

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Good buy after Bibox airdropped over 1000 eth worth of LIT into the market. Yes.
Buy in now? Lol

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Bottom sellers of LIT will be the most thoroughly BTFO tribe of biz ever.

Kill yourselves pre-emptively

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Make a coin that cannot be bought for the first year, it can only be sold.

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Whoa, deja vu

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Your retard thread was BTFO last time to stop posting this shit you dumb faggot. all fields.

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based chinaman

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Even better, make a coin that cannot be bought or sold, just distributed to the first 10000000 wallet users.

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I know ppl talking shit but you are on the right path. It’s like coins with a minimum wallet balance and the majority of ppl owning the coin don’t even know about it. Create a bunch of obstacles for ppl to transfer the coin.

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80k TPS
Pay System
Smart Contract
Ethereum retro compatibility
A lots FUDS
Binance DEX and Chink Exchange

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This shit is like mana from heaven for anyone looking for the next HOT, XRB, Antshares etc. yet we still have pajeet faggots who are greedy enough to think their fud will bring this to a price range they can accumulate at a massive discount. Imagine being that poor

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g-g-g-uys, sell your ETH, the ICO was not handled fairly. Same with BTC. The scammer satoshi and vitalik held lots of funds to dump on buyers and the price went down. HUGE SCAM.

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>Paid fudders with baseless garbage. BULLISH!
it's not fud. it can be fact checked

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Yeah, how dare anyone be compensated handsomely for their work.

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SAUCE: https://medium.com/fantomfoundation/fantom-improvement-proposal-1-proof-of-stake-fip-1-17bbbe225e70

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Top 50 whale holder here, if only you knew what we know. Literally free money.

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How much amb do I need to suck these brappers biz?

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here are the basics:
80k TPS see pic
0.7 sec tx finality
aBFT consensus (tech break-through)
15% staking reward or more
fantom fully supports ethereum smart contracts
over 100,000 lines of code on github
WASM support for java, rust, golang, js, etc.
dozens of devs working on the project every day
mainnet in Q2
deluded/hyped community (reminds me of raiblocks)
full transparency by the team + external audits
andre cronje was lead coder and is now tech advisor and head of biz development
superb partnerships with governments and billion dollar companies
will get listed on binance, bittrex, and korean exchanges like bithumb, upbit
insider rumor has it that fantom will be the first project to get listed on binance DEX
has more FUD than ETH had back in the day

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Buy this gem before consensus: Thank me later.

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fuck off shill kill yourself

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unironically the best post I've ever read on this god forsaken board

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real talk though, I dont own this coin but almost considered buying a few days ago because of the massive sell walls holding the price down. I chickened out and canceled my order in the end. price was .000018 at the time, its now .0000265 on IDEX.

Im too chickenshit to jump in now but do regret not keeping my buy order up

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