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>Future world currency

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It's a store of value, not a world currency.

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How long until my transaction gets confirmed? its been 1 hour.

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Ah yes gold drops 80% in a year too

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Tell me please


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You guys don’t deserve to know

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Why the hell is IPSX not taking off? It has a working product! It's useful!

Why do obvious scams have a higher market cap than IPSX? It's not fair!

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*does nothing*

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I bought 6BTC worth of this shit yesterday

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youre going to be very rich by june. relax

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What is your price prediction, Anon?

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assuming we aren't seeing a new BTC low and the market is in decent shape, I'd say 15-20c

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Accumulating this shitcoin

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ITT roll trips and we break the 4200 resistance today.

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What resistance?

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so close

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Here son.
Go to sleep now.

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everyday i refresh for chainlink news

thats about it

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Because I have no life and I've got nothing better to do

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Because I don't know if I should get insurance for a bit, get a surgery, and then cancel it afterward or just pay out of pocket right out of the gate. However, I can post but not make new threads, nice website, gook retard.

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bears are starting to get scared. how will they react once we're back over $6,000?

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They will laugh at the deluded bulls who are living in their mental safespaces of $6k BTC.

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>crypto adoption in fucking africa

imagine being this retarded, and by that i mean imagine being smart enough that you never interact with the average black person so you have no conception of why this will never work

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also nvm i'm a huge retard

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Imagine a life where you have never had money, never felt the urge to DYOR, never felt that magnetic admiration to someone who was good at making money, and wanted to imitate and ultimately make it like him. Just nothing. Literally all you do in life is exist. Occupy space, pass the time, and lose money. You're an Indian.

You're bored, as usual, in telegram chatting about your fucking shitcoin bags and not even feeling any kind of happiness from it, just soothing your constant need to be poor and stupid and petty. Every single thing you've done in the past year was mundane, disgusting, and boring. You spent the last six hours watching youtube videos about cryptoniggers who lost their ass buying shitcoins or some stupid bullshit that you don't really understand since you can barely comprehend english. You're just sitting there, gestating, fermenting, with a pain in your gut that guarantees you'll have to run out and take a shit in the street very soon.

And then you see it. White men, over in some corner of the internet, making money. You've never seen this before. What are they even doing? Instead of bagholding and complaining to the "developers" of a scam shitcoin, they are imbuing their conscious energy into making memes and discussing the qualities of legitimate projects. All the bitterness and stupidity you feel nonstop seems to be absent, as they congratulate each other for being victorious, and happily learn from someone who bought high and sold low. These creatures are truly content to be alive. They have found gains.

And your gaze turns back on itself, on your self, and you realise you've never had that. You can never have it. You're just a stupid fucking Indian with shitcoin bags on some obscure low volume exchange...

So you get up, you walk over there, and you shill your shitcoin to them. Just shitpost and beg all over their whole fucking image board. The 2 rupee bump your tiny bags get will be worth destroying it. Because you're an Indian.

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Imagine being ignorant of the much needed infrastructure change that this offers in light of the increasing corruption.

Not our fault your don’t see real world adopability because you’re so stupid

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Shut the fuck up and leave our board you thieving nigger retard.

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Is exercise really that important when trying to be successful in business?

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>going to a gym
>not working out like a Z Fighter at your house

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I don't think it's important in /biz per se, but it does help foster a mindset that can be very succesful in /biz. The effects can flow over into just about all aspects of life.

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and men.

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Don't give up hope. white people will never be a minority. They can only be temporary blips of a downturn but they always rise from the ashes stronger and better.

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>white people will never be a minority
they already are in the USA factoring illegals. Worldwide, an extreme minority.

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What’s everyone’s experience with SyncFab? Genuinely interested in the concept, but I saw it’s had a few hiccups along the way.

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Hello, Anon, how are you doing today?
You posted in this chan a few weeks back
requesting information on small caps
that had huge upside potential
with very little downside risk.
- Does that ring a bell?
- Yeah, I may have post something.
Okay, great.
The reason for the post today, Anon, is,
something just came
across my desk, Anon.
It is perhaps the best thing
I've seen in the last six months.
If you have 60 seconds, I'd like to share
the idea with you. You got a minute?
Actually, I'm really very...
The name of the company,
High Performance Blockchain.
It is a cutting edge
high-tech firm out of China
awaiting imminent patent approval
on the next generation
of hardware scalabilty solution
that have both huge financial
and gaming applications now.
Right now, Anon,
the stock trades over-the-counter
at 19 cents a share.
And by the way, Anon,
our analysts indicate
it could go a heck
of a lot higher than that.
Your profit on a mere $1,000 investment
would be upwards of $100,000!
Jesus! That's my mortgage, man.
Exactly. You could
pay off your mortgage.
This stock will pay off my house?
Anon, one thing I can promise you,
even in this market,
is that I never ask my clients
to judge me on my winners.
I ask them to judge me on my losers
because I have so few.
And in the case of HPB,
based on every technical factor
out there, Anon,
we are looking at
a grand slam home run.
Okay, let's do it. I'll do four grand.
$4,000? That'd be 21,000 shares, Anon.
Let me lock in that trade right now
and get back to you with my secretary
with an exact confirmation.
Sound good, Anon?
- Yeah, sounds good.
- Great.
Hey, Anon.
Thank you for your vote of confidence & DYOF*****R

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HPB, sounds like a venereal disease, no thanks

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get of truth

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Retards told me Walton was a scam when I bought in at 80 cents

Actors! Choyna! Chink scam!

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loved it

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So my dog died last night. :(

I'm taking him outside when I notice the collar he has on.
My wives boyfriend and I handmade that collar. It was a really nice piece of aluminum with a wooden box.
It had the dogs name on it also, but that isn't important right now.

I'm holding the dog in my arms outside heading to the woods using my other hand to mess with the collar and I trip.
Some background: this giant toad has been digging this hole out by the woods.

I fall down this hole and I swear it goes on forever. I wake up and my eyes slowly adjust to the light.
It feels cold, like the the place is air conditioned. Suddenly I realize I'm in what looks like a server room.

I access what looks to be a unix like operating system and I say out loud: "I know this!".
Going through all the commands by memory, man pages and GUI are for babies, I discover something.
Someone has been mining down here!

I suddenly get a sense of dread and now I understand why my electric bill has been so high.

*Loud noise

Suddenly there is this giant toad!
I realize I'm still holding a dog carcass. I never really liked the dog, so I rip off the collar and throw the dog to the toad as an offering to the gods or in this case lunch.

I ran out of there and was just about to climb out of the hole, when I realized there was a lift.
Not sure why I didn't notice this before. I come up right next to the garage.

As I'm trying to catch my breath, even though I only ran about 10 feet. Man, I have to join that planet fitness my "wife" is always talking about. I say wife in quotations because we stopped having sex. Not sure when it actually happened.

I have the collar in my hand and I break open the wooden circular box, in a little anger because of the lack of sex.
In the box was a private key for Ripple.

I then am confused because Ripple can't be mined. Then I realize the Toad must be Jewish and now it all makes sense.

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Is your wife’s boyfriend hot though?

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[ - ]

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look at this bait

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man, I missed this part of biz. bull runs are so much fun

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>Pumps 1500 sats
>Dumps 1450 sats wihin hours


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The swingers favourite coin.

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blame the whale trading bots
they work by making a bunch of 1%-5% gains

until steady buyers come in its going to get manipulated like this
they'll make like a 2x riding the waves they control for a month while holders only see a 25% gain

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Why can't the federal reserve normalize interest rates?

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>government go bankrupt
>things reagonomists actually believe
Never going to make it

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why cant you kill yourself already?

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the US government wouldn't actually go bankrupt, but the value of the dollar would be destroyed, which is another way of paying for debt.

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The entire system is designed to keep you poor. Don't believe me? Is there ANYTHING stopping you from withdrawing your life savings, and losing it on a hand of blackjack? Nope, the government is perfectly fine allowing you that amount of risk. Wanna take $1000 and day trade to try to make money?

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Because the economy is completely unproductive and can only grow nominally with quantitative easing.

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BTC isnt determining the market anymore... its fucking clear at this point...

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The only coin that matters in Crypto today

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Rate me.

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wtf happened to this lol?

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what? supply chain ICO not doing so good? who'd have thought....

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I didnt buy this, thankfully

I remember being salty af that I couldnt get into preICO sale kek

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project founder had questionable legal history
project based in burgerland
ico pools were not happy with pegged eth price
cease and desist letter from burgerland

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i remember all those smug ICO buyers in the telegram. THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BANNING ME FAGGOTS haaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

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Benn godenzi hyped it up, raised 12k eth, took an undisclosed 10% commission of his raise amount and then let it die just like he did with stk.

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>Be me with 300 Qtum
>Get tired of crypto market being stagnant
>Try a little trading with Ontology and VEChain
>Lose value because I suck at trading
>Make back some value with a play on Ripio Credit Network
>End up with 275 Qtum
>Wake up today to see that Qtum jumped at least 11% overnight and I could have had some sweet profit if I had just HELD THE SHIT

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