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Exit all crypto now frens, this is your only warning

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Thanks just sold everything

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damn glad i'm here to see this. thanks anon just sold

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You must all be new here.
>Just buyed 100k.

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Are we dumping after the news tomorrow? Anyone here have plans to buy the dip? 600k anon still has 300k left that he just moved to idex a few hours ago. Partnership announcement tomorrow + official AmSpec announcement, still thinking we'll see ATH by EOM

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I know this project is good I’m just waiting to 10x already. This thing is a damn GEM

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>tfw bought in at 70 & 75k

who here getting justed right now?

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This picture is giving me antshares vibes

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it looks to me like it will break ATH tomorrow, it rejected 00056 as ATL

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8 cents here but I feel for you fren, if this dumps to 50-55k vits tomorrow I’ll probably buy 4 more ETH worth, the main thing to worry about is the mini-whale faggot who might market dump on us after the news, but this is the first retrace after the week-long green dildos. It’s smashed a new ATH not long after every dip, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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For some reason, I'm getting a feeling the token is going to moon tomorrow. There token is flooded with buy orders.

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bots dickin around.

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should I buy 1 eth worth?

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1. Validation is active in seconds after manual drag n drop/automated API, verifying takes 5 seconds.
2. Other solutions only work as long as you pay yearly, V-ID validation requires a payment just once to work forever. Volume discounts and batching reduce price further. Verifying always free.
3. Transactions anchored in public blockchains could be checked with existing open source software, even if V-ID would cease to exist (not gonna happen )
4. Verifying works on any device with a browser, mobile as well, no authorisation, plugin or other software required. Optional QR feature enables verification of physical printed copy
5. Works with any digital file (photos, video, tracking data, audit trails, databases)
6. No need to make any change to original file
7. Validation can be done retroactively, so even years after a file was published / distributed.
8. Blockchain is the most secure way to record data (Certificates can be hacked, certificate authorities can be hacked, which happened many times before, invalidating all files issued)
9. Market cap is still sub-$5MM

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why's the token needed?

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>All validation fees (on all blockchains we support) are paid for in VIDT. Clients can choose between a fixed € / $ fee (dynamic VIDT fee) or real-time market price (minimum VIDT fee). 10% of VIDT spent on validations is bought back at exchanges in unequal parts, at random moments. These tokens will be burned each month. Another 10% of VIDT spent on validations is taken from the Validation Wallet and burned as well.
Instant, cheap, can be stored and diversified on multiple blockchains, and it's already working, which is ahead of literally a majority of the top 100 tokens.

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Are you claiming free hBars biz?

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Only 250, i missed the first 1000

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Where anon

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this will unironically go on a bigger run then that chainlink scamcoin

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PoW + PoS
HCASH AI Lighting Protocol (HAILP)
Quantum-resistant Signature
ASIC Resistance
Privacy Preserving Protocol

It's definitely got some impressive meme words

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i cant find info on the HAILP it sounds interesting

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Thoughts on this piece of shit?

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gay design

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gay implementation

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For me, its Monero.

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nikkei 255 hodlers in 1990

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Don't remind me

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get in now if you missed out on P3D

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use the interface to buy it

it wrks with metamask and trust wallet

dont send from an exchange directly

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the metamask section doesn't load for me, it works on other sites but it just tells me to install metamask

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use trust wallet

metamask might not work if you have other wallets installed like saturn wallet

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you could aslo directly interact with the contract

using metamask and myetherwallet

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Not a single precious metals thread in the entire catalogue. What a shame so many people will be unprepared when the economy tanks taking all the imaginary internet money with it.

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we digital money now

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>another complaining about there being no thread instead of making one thread

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CIA created bitcoin to establish digital payments for unrecognized governmental entities of which there are plenty in the world. Unrecognized political movements by the establishment are deemed criminal or terrorist groups by those in power, and there are many growing in size with the world becoming destablished from climate change, easy access resource depletion, and fresh water and food access controlling population growth. "Internet monies" are not going to die when capitalism in the west fails, our economy will be transfered into this global economy to "socialize" the failures of western governments. As per usual the people who share the brunt of these burdens will be the poor and unrepresented who took no part in these acts in the first place. If your not all into bitcorn at this point in the political cycle your just fucking stupid honestly, north korea even realized this. Think about it, some chink dictator is smarter than you.

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fuck your shiny boomer rocks

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Don’t be mad. Keep buying the top.

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I have a suicide stack of ONE, should I go to sleep without worry?

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Those are trips anon
444 confirmed

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lmao. he rekt himself

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that means 44 sats in 4 days

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seriously, you degenerate tranny, what is your problem? why are you posting this stuff on every harmony thread? hmmmm...i wonder who is behind this post.

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why dont you fudders put a bit of your link gains into harmony, and help the pump by shilling to normies? and then put it back into link or whatever coin you have after the pump?

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Trust me anon, buy LINK, another big pump is coming.

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whats the market?

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>the top
Anon, we haven't even reached 1% of the way to the top

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And we never will

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bull shit my gf just bought 10k links,

this shit is gunna dump hard and then she is gonna get pissed at me.

but i been telling her since 30 cents but now she finally gets around to doing it



screen cap this,

its going sub 1 dollar ove the next two years.

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Which tech giant is gonna release a crypto next? Twitter?

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Why doesn't this bitch ever smile?

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Buy link, there’s another pump coming. Trust me.

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If you want a wife or children or think having a family is in any way desirable rather than a financial burden and a massve waste of money, you are a failed normalfag and you don't belong here. You belong on r*ddit or tw*tter with the other failed normalfags.

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Get your fat roasty outta here

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You know the rules: Tits or gtfo.

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Yeah, this is based.

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Big Tobacco is backing Ripple. I know. I know. It sounds crazy. But They just gave the buy signal. Look, I know what I'm seeing when I'm seeing it. Buy now.

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Down 4% since moneygram announcement...How delusional do you have to be to buy this shitcoin!

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I'm a paranoid-schizophrenic shouting on the internet. I know what I just saw.

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how is big tobacco, which among countless other things is under constant and ever increasing pressure from lawmakers all over the world going to "back" Ripple? Are they giving up on cigarettes and buying XRP instead?

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daily/weekly/monthly charts all bullish as fuck. its going to make another move up. if youre in alts. take profits now after some did 10-15%. bitcoin moving to 11.2k next. mid caps will rally after (ltc), followed by alts. 9.2k july bottom.

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BTC is topping out at 10k.

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It’s time to short scam coin bsv

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How did she know?

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pure luck.

there's at least 50 retards here everyday who make those kinds of predictions. 99% are wrong, 1% are just lucky.

this one got lucky so far.

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know what? He was only right about 1 thing so far.

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>past performance is indicative of future results

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Pretty much 2 things already.

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we touched 250 sats last time
Harmony ONE 2500 sats by end of month

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shhh. let him stay poor

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I'd like to touch her ovaries with my dick, if you know what I mean.

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nice paid fud you've got there Jalamushav, but remember when people said this about btt & matic? we're not buying your lies today

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we are all gonna make it frens

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im all in on this, someone please hold me im scared

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Brainlet here. If I have a Ledger and want to trade on IDEX on two different computers... do I have access to the same exchange wallet through my ledger? Like if I deposit 1 ETH from my Ledger to IDEX from home and I move to work, will I be able to just log into the same account with the 1 ETH through my Ledger?

>> No.14231307

Trades are executed through your ledger device itself. So, whichever computer its connected to is the one you need to be next to.

>> No.14231356


I thought I still had to transfer funds from my Ledger ETH address to some kind of exchange address... it won't let me trade directly from my Ledger..

>> No.14231413

I think you send it to your exchange address to be available for trade. I'm receiving my Ledger tomorrow so I'm new to this too. Thanks for asking questions.

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