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NEETs are directly responsible for hurting the US economy.

Get a fucking job, you lazy sacks of shit. You owe it your country.

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>raise wages
fuck off commie

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Ever since Ronnie Raygun shipped all the good paying unskilled and skilled/no college jobs overseas... there's just been this mentality that businesses will improve almost every year indefinitely, despite wages being stagnant since the 70s, that's why they're so desperate about bringing in foreign workers to suppress wages. In fact that whole DREAMer bullshit was propaganda to to stagnate even highly educated workers. Sure, some may be legit kikes, others are just greedy and go along with it because it fits their bottomline.

If all the illegals were actually deported and the wall was built tomorrow, there would actually be a "great depression" as many industries would go out of business because their business model requires cheap labor (Walmart and many unprofitable crops like tomatoes and iceberg lettuce) but the market would correct itself and wages, but native employment (especially for non college graduates) and benefits would skyrocket since finally since the early 70s would supply and demand would finally be on the worker's side. It would go back into getting hired practically on the spot by just asking a manager and you could threaten to quit job and your employer would have to scramble to keep you.

Although the quality in tacos would lower.

>I'm sorry it was all my fault
>You were right, I was wrong

Are actually great phrases, because when you go overboard on taking ownership for things ("extreme ownership"), your superiors actually tend to start complimenting good things instead of poking holes in your story.

t. a Manager

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Wages have not kept up with inflation in the United States and they need to be raised, if you don't acknowledge this you are uneducated on economics. Boomers could work retail or construction and buy a small home and start a family, now those industries will have you living in a hotel or your car while you collect welfare and food stamps, do you really think that is a good situation for the US economy?

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I'm sorry the grammar and syntax is a mess. I'm working at the same time and wrote the post in little chunks, but I think it's still understandable.

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corporations raising wages to deal with a labor shortage is market driven. that's pure capitalism you moron. the point is corporations should not have the opportunity to avoid this outcome by importing cheap immigrants as they have done in the past.

i said nothing about government mandates.

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>98 IQ

I'm stupid as fuck and I don't think college is for me. I'm not good with my hands so trade school is not an option.

What the fuck am I going to do with my life? My parents and siblings have said they will take care of me, but still...I want to be able to provide for myself one day

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It was MLM that's why I refused the offer

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I don't think you need fine motor control for all trades. Like where would you need that for plumbing? You turn big wrenches.

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Do plumbers smell like shit after a long day at work?

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Uhhhhh just get some sort of job and find joy living the pleb life. It's not that bad bud, find some people you like being with and drugs help. Its a comfier life than most people think

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Pretty sure they do not my dude. Also showers exist.

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/biz/ please, how does it feel like?

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>No other sizes of this image found.

it's just a sex toy in a jar of brown liquid, freak lmao

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thanks for the excellent Business & Finance post

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schlop schlop schlop

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What are you schloping?

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Is it still possible to be financially successful if you're an alcoholic?

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This. I am drug addict and alcoholic i make bank b/c the money i make makes me get better drugs and more alcohol.

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I know people who are very successful and drink alcohol like niggers drink kool aid. But if you are a lazy-ass then alcohol will just make your life worse.

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This guy gets it. I was in Miami this weekend drinking doing coke mdma and ketamine around the clock for 3 days straight. I make $250k/yr. I know tons of people that are like this. More drugs and alcohol = more $$$

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They are not related.

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get rekt

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k. except all of bittube's traffic is that 1 autist spamming lil' windex bcash videos

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Bittube is based. They can’t seem to stop kicking ass even if they tried

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Bitcoin is store-of-value

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What I've found amusing is anyone using an NPC meme is unironically an NPC.

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How do you put btc on a nano ledger?

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Can you make money in forex trading? Does it require a lot of experience?

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I've never even heard rainbow brite rap and these threads always crack me up

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Every single woman on earth is a whore

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omfg fucking BASED and motherfucking REDPILLED kek rules all of us praise 4chan! /pol is supreme!

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double nigger jannies btfo

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if so, what should i buy? was thinking all in on BAT

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> Be me
> Mid 20's
> Have received attention from females over the years
> Unable to tell if it was interest or not unless very obvious
> Never had a gf
> Believed it had to do with my crooked teeth
> Get it fixed
> Make dating profile multiple times no luck
> Have acne
> Photoshop the acne away
> Make a few dating profiles using the updated pics in other cities and states
> Attention seems the same maybe like a very, very slight increase
> Three engaged in conversation
> 1 fat woman
> 2 decent bodied women (one's a scammer)
> 1 decent bodied gal responded to the phone number request - to hold my horses
> Haven't responded to her since, idk what to say

How easier is life without a wife and children?

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No wife and kids = life hack
Use all your extra time and money to advance your career or start a business and just fuck hookers when you need to. You'll be retired at 40 and then when you have money and status you can get a 25 yo gf

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>It's literally playing life on Easy Mode

also, tip: find a website that isn't actually about dating. Language learning for example. You can practice talking to a bunch of women there with zero pressure. And they'll actually talk to you irrespective of your appearance. (and might get to like you due to your conversation)

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You’re going about it all wrong

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>How easier is life without a wife and children?
Since I'm single, all I need in life is a one bedroom apartment with a decent kitchen.

This runs me $800 USD in my city
Groceries are $400 per month, car expenses are $400, other shit is $400

I can survive on 24k net, which is approximately 35k gross. I gross 110k a year.

I have 0 desire to ever get married or have children. Massive massive scam that doesn't benefit me in any way.

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Why would you ask for someone's phone number on a dating site? No wonder these desperate incels don't fuck

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this is secret chart of bitcoin.

game is over boyz. just jump to outside of this shit.

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That's so fucking retarded.

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you're not wrong, but its gonna happen a lot sooner than 2022

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NPCs triggered?

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>scales your shitcoin of choice
>enables bitcoin smart contracts
imagine not owning a literal godcoin

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>he knows about rsk
>thinks no one will use it

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>intel partnership
pumps then immediately sells off
>ibm partnership
pumps then immediately sells off

will literally need to partner with amazon for it to pump and hold its value

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>chainlink gets mentioned in amazon's presentation
>barely pumps
>dumps after
you realize partnerships mean nothing in crypto anymore right?

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Strongest blockchain, but nobody will use it.

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i literally have no idea what this shitcoin is but i like that wojak.

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The best ICO of 2018 is here
In 2 years you’ll be digging through archived biz threads and see DCX and feel that regret of not getting in at .65c a pop when they hit $1,000 each
They are 60% off right now 173 DCX for 1 ETH
They are also giving 1 share of equity for every one coin purchased in ICO, they have some major influencers backing them as well as one of the largest bounty groups secured. Don’t miss out.
They are building the tools for things like concert tickets, home titles, car pink slips, etc to move onto the blockchain and a DEX where peer-to-peer or enterprise-to-peer trades can happen. This means that they will take over companies like Ticketmaster and it will be impossible for a con artist to sell a fake ticket, just like you can’t sell a fake BTC.
Honestly this project is going to be huge, plus their team is networking and ASIC chip specialists who pioneered their respective industries, good luck

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They have a token swap on their roadmap with the launch of their main net. I think they are busting doing erc20 because they are using a KYC auditor who requires it to be erc20

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Terrible shill

>> No.12069298

How am I shill because I’m researching ICOs to invest in? I’ve done well in my investments, half the morons in here can’t even look up the SEC registration for investments. That’s the first thing I look at.

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Terrible shill

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You have excellent taste fren, but I'm not gonna give you any money.

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Looks sustainable.. How long till we Europeans get completely swarmed by sub saharan low iq niggers? Economic implications short term. Discuss

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Lucky all those niggers getting laid daily and nigglet females having orgasms and dicked since 9 and with aids ridden vagina at 10 she will continue popping out more niggers yearly

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it's not fair to you to delude yourself this hard, making up lies to feel better won't fix the problems buried within you. Seek help!

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>mfw facts don't care about your feelings
>mfw you probably looked up the stats of average economic growth in africa by country and saw i was right
>mfw you probably did the same for fertility rates
>mfw you're gonna try your hardest to find some toddler-level excuse for why it's not true!!1!!1!1!!!

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Do you know why the US military doesn't take any recruits with an IQ Bellow 83? Because a person that dumb can't even productively be cannon fodder or dispose trash. They fuck up with such consistency that it better just excluding them entirely. The average IQ of black Africa is below 70. Less than half of Africa is capable of any productive modern employment. You should invest in non-white run African companies if you believe otherwise.

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you got it backwards fren
i started genuinely believing in the equality meme
for years i persevered despite evidence
but eventually, even unwise people swallow their pride and admit they were fundamentally wrong, because with enough personal experiences with blacks one of them will eventually trigger your survival instinct

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lol. fake news. good shit though, almost sounds like our autist.

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Checked. It's also not even blockchain. It's just a shitty cloud hosting service.

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and are you stupid??

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been here forever, this is unironically the time to buy and hold, there might be pull backs but that is why you DCA, we can to back to 20k over the course of a few weeks.

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We're all DCAing. We know the future.

>> No.12068734

when it happens, it's going to be fast

>> No.12068745

I dca’d with the slin of my teeth. I am so angry this hurts, my anus is bleeding i fucking hate this. Im salty af i hate crypto now

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You have no idea how bad it feels to be a poorfag who knows this but has no money to invest

Being poor and knowing how to get rich if only you had the bare minimum amount of money required to buy a single coin, but not being able to afford one

>> No.12068818

This. People think that there will be plenty of time to buy in slowly but by the time the market is looking good the the period of maximum potential will be over. Over the long run BTC may no last but you can be sure there will be at least 1 more run to 60k or more.

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buy raiblocks last year

>> No.12069302

buy 3700 Tron currency

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sucking 36,995,000 cocks

>36,995,000 / 52 = a bit over 711k
Its possible if you open real wide

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start a crypto lottery

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