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ARPA literally collaborating with Chinese government agencies

You in on the next Antshares anon?

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Been accumulating for literally a fucking year and I dare not ever sell until my target ($1)

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StarSwap farming will begin tomorrow!

>StarSwap is a next-generation layer 2 AMM with instant transactions and near-zero gas fees.
>$10 bucks in gas will last you 2.5 MILLION trades

It's totally under the radar right now, but def has the potential to explode

Farming starts tomorrow with 10x earning bonus for the first 14 days

Github: github.com/StarSwapLabs
Twitter: twitter.com/StarSwapLabs
Telegram: t.me/StarSwapLabs
Medium: starswap.medium.com

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Never wins

Z post

One more

Just for non missed


Bitcoins overs $18,000

As Z



Rest now

Z back when

Biz need Z most

Stay shhbreathe


Remember no

Matter trade 2022

Our years nons

Z love biz


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You weren't in the thread, were you? He was right, that's what he did. Almost nobody believed him, but he was fucking right.

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checked iff 2022 is the year what happens to BTC and alts in 2021?

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Original bread >>24325272

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V V good


Peaks in 2022

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Thank you oracle

good job

always appreciated

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Was that a mistake?

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What about the AML bullshit. Will it pass?

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this pic taught me more than the rest of biz in the last 3 months, thanks anon

Jesus Christ Almighty, those milk jugs

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Nice jugs and nice dubs.
Also inb4 that fag who hates thotposting

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>coinbase puts a checkbox that says: "Is this address yours?"
>you click "yes"
>then transfer from kyc to 100 other 'non kyc' / coinjoin / etc
what does it matter?
only practical effect of this will be killing centralized exchanges and everyone will use dex-es

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okay, im fucked up
www.dextools.io/ app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x29e201244c2a320a804d341bb54981ecf54070df

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its not out yet, is this a scam contract?

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>The transaction cannot succeed due to error: undefined. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.

i hate myself

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>1.2 BTC
>102 ETH
>Tiny Link stack

Is there a chance I make it within 10 years if I never sell and never buy more crypto shit? Can i close the charts and ignore them for a decade in peace? I just can't afford a solid suicide stack for everything lads

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Link has literally performed worse YTD than ETH.

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Duh, why would an oracle token have a higher market cap than first layers. Everyone cheering Chainlink has to realize this is ridiculous.

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Cardano is performing better than Link

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Ok, now explain why yfi is doing better than Eth without contradicting yourself.

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Guys you do realise that all of us are actualy investing into some super early startups, many of which do not even have a product out of alpha. People who actually hold money and are smart are not toughing this shit for a very good reason "yet". Usually an investor asks how much profit or at fucking least how much turnover a company has, then compares shares and and gives an evaluation. Many coins which are valued at 2- 10 usd right now are worth FUCKING CENTS IN REALITY. This is like a huge virtual videogame, where everyone chases muh gainz and some virtual money. It is very possible for this whole market to harakiri within a month. Will Blockchain die? No.. very likely not. the tech behind it is soldi. But for the love of fucking jesuscoin, don't pretend every single ICO is going to revolutionize the world etc. Take it for what it fucking is, a huge gamble, where people who have no self preservation instinct and go yolo mode all in can make the gains of a lifetime. Or lose it all. Biz is like a fucking neural network hivemind checking and comparing coins, shilling and kekking some random shit, waves in the community which might be noticed and are a sign of something good because nolifers and NEETS do nothing else besides comparing coins, or something bad because someone wants to loose his bags etc. Just ride it or leave it, there is no guide, no handholding, just risk, fun and maybe an epic reward at the end. This is the .com bubble all over, and we are in the year 1998.. chillax and love

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This was known back in 2015 anon. Your 5yrs to late

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super based

I'm allowing myself to chillax, enjoy the ride, and love... lotsa love!

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What does biz think about polkastarter? Good or not?

20 cents seems like a good price to pay for this considering that they are about to launch the MVP, and maybe it will pump after that, should I buy some POLS?

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Where can you buy POLS?

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other than uniswap I mean, we really need to get on binance

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only minor exchanges right now I am afraid

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I am using uniswap

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Must be a matter of days now, the team said so on tg

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Comfortable XSN rewards from the masternodes! XSN $100 2021
Türk erkekleri birleşelim. Beyazları dolandıracağız. Teminat kanıtı cüzdanı asla ölmez!

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only good thing about the roaches is that there are so many of them to shill my xsn bags for me.

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here you find XSN roadmap: https://stakenet.io/roadmap/

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And boy are there a lot of them. Lmfao at anyone investing in this shit scam

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ITT: We apologize to Charles Hoskinson and his Python web crawlers.

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Charles, you are a chad among men. I appreciate you and what you are doing for this planet.

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Based Hoskinson is literally going to take down Ethereum. People always love an underdog. I'm all in

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I have this strong feeling that the 40% correction will happen when the President is officially elected(Trump for Sure 100%) .... this correction we had is nothing of what's gonna come ahead....
After this correction we going sky rocket high.... before this correction btc to hit 23k-24k a new ATH...

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many people expect a correction at 24-25k and I think by now its gonna be a self-fulfilling prophecy

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I'm sorry bois.. I had this feeling for a long time now.. I even knew that there was no 13k correction.. even Z knew there wasn't going to be 13k correction... prove me wrong and tell me when the next correction is going to happen...

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>trump for sure

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Trump already won. Even CNN is preparing their audience for the official announcement.


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Another thing.... watch out for Link, Pnk, Trx and Eth this bull run ...

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When researching tokens I found it annoying that I could not take not directly on CMC for example.

So I created a tool for that. It accesses the CMC API to show the tokens and then allows to take notes directly on that interface. The picture shows how it looks like.

It is an MVP and needs feedback. if someone wants to have a look, I’d be very glad to get some feedback.

Is that something anyone would use?

Current issues:
It only lists 200 coins as I don’t want to pay for API access yet but I can change that of course.

Coming features:
Users can create labels for specific tokens. Personally, I’d use labels such as “shitcoin” or “hidden gem” to differentiate between possible investments and shitcoins.

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MERN stack

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op i've seen that art style you're using of amorphous bug people with no face and weird proportions used everywhere in startups and crypto. is there a reason for this? truly gives an ominous "end of the world, great reset" vibe but i'm guessing that's not what the message is supposed to be

>> No.24380136

hahah not really. just did this randomly. it's only an MVP and I just wanted it to look like something something.
is it something you could use? do you have an idea what features could help to research tokens?

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it would be useful if the notes were public imo. I do mern stack as well, (Next instead of vanilla react)

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Yes that is a good idea,thank. I was thinking of aggregating the most interesting notes in order to provide a crowdsourced view of the tokens. It depends if users want their research to be public or not. Maybe gamification could be a solution to that.

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Transaction fees are pretty high, right? The whole security of bitcoin is dependent on people using mining setups to solve problems, and as we know the new bitcoin that'll be let into the system will diminish drastically until miners only make money on transaction fees. The fees are already high though, including what they generate from mining. I don't get how bitcoin is gonna be feasible long term, if it does intend to actually become a currency, anyway. I can only see the transaction fees going up over time. Am I stupid or is bitcoin just gonna fall to pieces once people realize it's not worth it to even trade?

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Lightning Network if you want to actually use it as a currency. You'll pay the fees for actually moving large amount of money

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Paying transaction fees is still lower than paying taxes.

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>Obligatory Flare/Spark Tutorial

>Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020:

>Staggered Spark token distribution

>XRP Ledger

>Past /XSG/ threads:

>Insiders threads:

>Judy Shelton (Trump Fed nominee):

>The Myth of Market Cap:


https://twitter.com/PRX0202 [Mr. Pool archives]

>What wallet do I use?
There is no right answer for this. Mostly personal preference and security vs. convenience.
Hot storage (with Spark support) - XUMM or Exodus.
Cold storage - Ledger/Trezor or Paper/Metal Wallet
Do not use Droplet wallet, is it a scam.

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Stfu bagholder. Be grateful you have ridden the plunge down from ATH without killing yourself.

The absolute state.

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The butt coin holder justifies his 'investment' by spouting phrases about decentralisation and anonymity. To him, the very essence of XRP goes against the moral ideology of crypto currency thus making him seethe with rage.

He views his butt coin investment as a prize racehorse, and sure it may be currently leading the race, but there's a motorcycle being ridden by a banking executive that's fast approaching and the thought of this is too much for him to handle.

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>no proof ever deliverd. happening postponed
so, just like religion. whats your point? arguing against xrp in this thread is a losing position. the same way you cannot argue against religion with people in church. you are only growing more grey hairs dude.

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fuck me what a nightmare, good thing we're not living that timeline

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Cardano is now the 4th biggest crypto project (Tether doesn't count)

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holy based

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>Native token of a chain has higher market cap than an erc-20 token.

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>chainlink is blockchain agnostic, we dont need that old dinosaur ETH

>> No.24380308

>Why are you guys celibrating?
Ethereum is still more than 10x away from us.
I want to fuck Eth gay boys in the asshole with my big long thick meaty ADA cock.

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VIDT Datalink provides a blockchain based solution for securing any Data, File etc. via on-chain validations through costums APIs, integrated into the ecosystems of several big clients and partners.

Whitepaper https://files.crowfile.com/_files_/code/download.php?file=356153993844641300&filename=Whitepaper+V-ID+v1.27_en_march_2019-geconverteerd.pdf&hash=39f26a3a68b25e9b31b470230b9b3c88dc343306&disposition=inline
Roadmap https://about.v-id.org/roadmap
Usage Dashboard https://about.v-id.org/vidt-usage-dashboard

>newest client is PROCENTEC where VIDT will be integrated into data processes with companies like SIEMENS, POSCO and EMERSON (all multi billion dollar companies)
>some clients still using VIDT: AIRBUS, AMSPEC and KROHNE and more
>IBM funding a project with them
>also IBM upscale of CORONA sensors verifying the air quality indoors
>also coming SHRIMP BOAT partnership
>multicloud multichain platform, used by cloudservices from SAP, Zapier, IBM

Not relying on ICO funds
>IN THE BLACK. From the cost of validations the revenue is around $1.5m. (should be more right now)
>only 1.8m TOKENS in team hands, you wont get dumped on here

Ongoing partnerships
>working with CMS LAW - SECOND LARGEST law firm in the world - on a GDPR solution.
>together with FTM are starting a GOVERNMENT CONTRACT in the Middle East as soon as lockdown ends, securing govt documents.
>implemented and partnered with WAVES, LTO, DIGIBYTE and BINANCE CHAIN, using them besides ETHEREUM
>official partner of the DUTCH BLOCKCHAIN COLLABORATION alongside with big players

Deflationary Tokenomics
>the VIDT tokens USED each month, 20% are BURNED and then the equivalent of 10% are BOUGHT BACK from the open market. So there's always a slight buy pressure.

BUY here
BINANCE https://www.binance.com/en/trade/VIDT_BTC
UNISWAP https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0xfef4185594457050cc9c23980d301908fe057bb1
KUCOIN https://www.kucoin.com/trade/VIDT-BTC

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thanks. just sold 100k
easily x20 in the coming altszn

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>bought my stack at 6 cents

eat a dick weak hand. we mooning to $32

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VIDT + LTO are the dutchbros that are taking us to the lambo dealership

>> No.24380205

this is what has me bullish, huge increase in usage to close the year. and more tokens used by clients = more vidt burned at the end of each month = I hold a bigger % of the supply each month. this is why buying while its undervalued is big brain, few understand this.

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Behold the man who is going to cancel our collective moon mission come january 2021.

You have all seen the social network and know this cuck only cares about one thing: Enriching himself. That moive is basically about him fucking over everybody that crosses his path in order to secure financial gain, from exploiting fellow students in facemash, to fucking over his best friend. Is this the kind of character we want to controll the world currency? It's not only about our riches, anons. It's about saving humanity.

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fuck the zucc
I got nothing but time on my hands, what can I do to help except shill FUD about it?

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rat lizard fuck

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lmao. yea....

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literally who?

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Because he is a kike, and the reptos either directly control the kikes or pose as kike "elites", as every schizo with a single brain cell knows.

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I'm curious. Has anyone here RECENTLY in the past month successfully mined BTC coins? Seems like chances are one in two million, but I'm thinking the chances are worse than that. Or we all just doing mining pools?

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If you don't pool mine, you're playing a lottery at the cost of an extra $10-$50 a month in electricity.

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