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Id graduate with 15k debt if I finished. I need 9-10 more months. Not interested in joining the fucking military. Can only imagine doing some job at a school with it, but nearly half of young grads are underemployed which makes it feel like a huge waste. Plus im mediocre (3.0 going to prob drop to 2.7-2.8 if I finish).
With that said...
With interest and 5 years, lets just avg to 18k. Thats 300 a month for 5 years. I basically make 420 a week after taxes currently. Like a fucking 3rd of my check goes to the goyment.
I have no skills. Just do security since no one wanted to give me a chance (this is actually why I dont want to "make it" by being an employee. FUCK america and employers).
Like 20k a yr. I expect to make MAYBE 40k (~30k after taxes) after graduating with my degree (bus admin econ). Have an associates. Its shit and the most I can get is like 20 an hr with it (I apply, but never get the jobs).
That would be like 30k a yr after taxes..

Anyways, should I even bother at this point? I'm 24. Almost 25. Wont graduate till 26. Suicidal as well and school makes my quality of life even more shit. I also plan on dying (99% sure) before 30 (age 29 is the max future I can see).

I expect a net pay of 9k a yr if I graduate (750 more a month after taxes. It's pretty significant).

The number ONE reason I even question if it's worth it is due to how I feel btc will go to 80k-100k+ eoy and feel I'm better off just focusing on that (working full time and school full time is a bitch).

Also, being a pessimist, I feel even 40k with a bachelors and in my 20s is stretching it (im not a unicorn cs/engineer. Im average with intellect which is the same as being retarded in this society).

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Send me the cutest courier boy with my Private Tulip Trusts Keys please

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>reject women to avoid heartache
>fucked in the head for being alone

Don't you think it's funny how cynical this bitch god is? You lose eother way. You're with someone, they'll hurt you. You love alone, you feel tortured and are basically guaranteed to see the world in a cynical (realistic/no filter) way

Why must I be justed no matter what I do?

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>Truck Driving Gravy Train

Anon Trucking has been dead since the 90's

Company Drivers make like 40 cents a mile. That's not miles driven. That's fucking miles in a straight line from point A to B.

And Owner Operators are basically gambling that the maintenance on the truck isn't going to kill any profits.

Also trucking is a shit life style.

Eventually you get bored of gas stations, sleeping in amenities that are almost no better than that of a person with no job, and dealing with dumbfuck dispatchers, and poorly signed roadways.

You didn't miss out on anything.

T. Suicidal Truck Driver.

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