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Crypto is only going up because of these bank issues that "appeared out of nowhere" suddenly that nobody was even thinking about at all.

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Start of this rally: 4.35 btc

Current: 2.94 btc

I shorted too early

Now what’s funny is that I’ll be right, it’s just that the market had to liquidate people like me first

The question is now, how much do I go in with my next short? Perhaps 30-32k? Maybe if I get that right I can get back to 4+ btc

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If Bitcoin doesn’t go back down to a lower low. Then I don’t care anymore. I’m not buying.

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I’m slow starting to accept the fact 15k was the bottom

I could have bought more than 5 bitcoin back then

Now I can barely buy 3

Seems liquidity is pouring out of the banking system into bitcoin, I can’t imagine how it would go down anymore from here

Rip bobros

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There's nobody around me that wants to hear anything about Bitcoin anymore

I think we hit the bottom...

The last time normies were this disinterested in bitcoin in my life was around 2018/2019

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Are we in the crab before the final boom to 30k, or are we in the crab before the final crash to 15k

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We need a healthy retest of 10k

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